Sunday, April 08, 2007


The Avalanche are Dead. Long Live the Avalanche.

By Greg

So after I wrote them off innumerable times down the stretch, naturally Colorado made believers of me, only to break my heart into thousands of little shards last night.

Ok, it's not that bad. The whole ridiculous run was too improbable to ever seem totally realistic, and really served to get me excited for next season -- earlier this year I figured the Avalanche were about to enter a ten-year deep freeze, and now with the cast of young guys like Budaj, Stastny, and Wolski; Milan Hejduk enjoying an Easter-appropriate resurrection; and Joe Sakic apparently dead set on being awesome until he's 72 years old, I feel pretty good about what lies ahead. Plus, lots of cap space next year! Hurrah!

I'll admit that I was secretly looking forward to the possibility of a Colorado-Detroit first round series, and I'm a little sad that won't happen. But on the bright side, I no longer have to back my trash talk up with reality, so I can say with full confidence that had such a series taken place, the Avalanche would have won 4-0, scoring 82 goals to the Wings' three, and Scott Parker would have eaten Todd Bertuzzi's liver. So take that, Detroit.

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Speaking of the Avs and Easter, Tapeleg at Jerseys and Hockey Love has been on fire lately -- if you haven't seen his marshmallow game recaps, you're really missing out.

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Teehee, I love how the Crapalanche played with your emotions, but ultimately let you down...they are quite female, that way *cough*.

As Tapeleg suggested before, this 'run' might be enough to keep the Aspen crowd coming back for another year.

So, now you can jump on the Thrashers wagon as they lose in the first round.
After a month of flipping between believing and not believing, I was completely heartbroken last night. In a weird way it was almost good to know that a team can still do that. I was never anticipating a ten-year deep freeze" like you, but I have to say that I'm a helluva lot more excited for next year than I was before! And Joe Sakic is the main reason for that. If he keeps this up I'm seriously considering starting a religion devoted to him. He's basically the inspiration for my life.
Jes, can't the yuppies of Colorado and the yuppies of Vancouver get along?

Katie -- as inspirations go, you can do a lot worse than Joe Sakic. And yeah, the Avalanche are gonna rise again.
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