Thursday, March 08, 2007


Photo(s) of the Day: The Softer Side of Hockey

Contrary to what the critics say, Hockey isn't always a violent bloodbath.

The things Sid will do for the NHL...

Get a frickin room, you two!

Some guys REALLY like Peter Forsberg...

Now, that's team chemistry!

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This video is probably applicable as well.

The best part is that they're just watching their teammates trying to tear each other's heads off.
You also missed on this lovely picture of Kris Draper & Brett Lebda during a break in the Wings-Blackhawks game last Friday.

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Here's a tender moment between Scott Walker and Joe Vasicek. The Penguins player in the background looks a little jealous. The linesman on the left is trying to look nonjudgmental about their love.

I know guys hug after a goal, but Joe's got Scotty in quite a loving embrace, there.
Soft, eh? The first two are pretty hard if you ask me.
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