Saturday, March 31, 2007


NHL Fanhouse: A Little Moonlighting

by Jes

What happens when you gather some of the internet's best veteran hockey bloggers and stick them in one place?

Pillow fights? Peeing in the snow? Exchanging Barry Manilow records?

Yes, and also lots and lots of posting at the NHL FANHOUSE, a new site established by the folks at AOL.

I'll be joining the eclectic cast featuring Eric Big Mac McErlain of Off Wing Opinion, Tomberto Luongo of Sabre Rattling, James Mirtle the Lady Killer, Tyler Mellow Dellow of mc79hockey, and JP the Closet Crosby Fan of Japers Rink.

Be sure to visit us over at the NHL Fanhouse, and help us increase the influence of bloggers in the internet tubes.

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I thought when guys got together they grunted, thumped their chests and hit one another?

Barry Manilow? Words fail me.

Congrats on the new gig. How about adding a blog or two more to that blog roll over there ;P
congrats man...keep the cynicism coming...

You'll have to contact Daddy Mac, as he's the head honcho for our little group.
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