Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Jeff Cowan: Lunchpail Hero

by Jes

The Canucks/Bolts game last night was excellent. No, the match-up itself was completed lopsided as the Bolts didn't compete, but it was great that the Canucks beat an opponent by more than 1 goal and totally dominated a high-scoring team as they won 5-1.

Would you ever have expected the Canucks to hold the high-flying Lightning to just 17 shots?

That wasn't the only story of the night, as this guy named JEFF COWAN seems to have come out of nowhere to become the offensive leader of the Canucks after another 2-goal effort.

First 23 games as a Canuck: 0 goals, 0 assists
Next 3 games as a Canuck: 5 goals, 0 assists


Until recently, Cowan was one of the most anonymous Canucks grinders in team history. I had no idea this guy has over 350 NHL games to his credit!

Now? He's got ladies throwing their bras on the ice, as happened last night after he scored his second goal of the game.

It's great to see a hard working guy like this get his time in the sun. Thanks to Josh Green's injury, Cowan gets a bit more ice time and makes the most of it. He's now got 5 times as many goals this year as Alex Burrows. Yeesh.

Here's a video clip of his first goal from last night, as he scores in his typical go-to-the-net hard style. It's not pretty, but it's been working for him.

Some other love for Cowan around the blogosphere...

Canucks and Beyond:
There aren’t too many things cooler than watching an undervalued 4th line player score at will for three games straight, making himself one of the stars of the night at every opportunity. I mean, 5 goals in three games? Talk about a hot hand, especially for a player who hadn’t scored in the previous 14 years.
And another shocker to add to all that shocking revelations about tonight's game... Jeff Cowan had another 2 goal game. WHO IS THIS GUY? Loved the crowd at GM Place who started chanting "COW-AN! COW-AN! COW-AN" after he scored his 2nd of the evening. He totally deserved it, and I'm happy the fans are recognizing the effort he's been giving every night.

Waiting for Stanley:
PS: I absolutely encourage more of the bra-throwing whenever Cowan scores. I don't think I have ever seen that happen before in NHL history. Hats off to whoever did that. Love how the ref used a stick to spoon the under garment off the ice! haha
God, this is beautiful how the Canuck fans are rallying around this team.

Not to mention that the bra was apparently big enough to hold actual watermelons in each cup. There must have been one jiggly woman walking home last night.

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Now I have a question about bra throwing, having never done it myself. Are you supposed to bring an extra bra in anticipation of such an event (and if so, how many?), or take off the one you are currently wearing? Because if you have to throw your bra at short notice, that can't be terribly convenient.
Sherry: I'm not exactly sure how that works; i've never been tempted to take off my bra in the middle of a (COLD!) hockey game and chuck it into the rink, but methinks that if you want to do it properly, you'd do it flashing the 20 other guys around you in an impromptu strip tease XD
Heh, so I guess you pan the crowd to see the happy, red-faced guys to figure out where it came from? :p

Mitchell apparently commented that it "was about a size 36". What I want to know, is how he could tell that so easily.... either he`s seen quite a few bras or he recognized it... O.o
Sherry - If you ever should get the urge, be sure to do it during a Canucks game so I can evulate your performance.

Joi - Given how much ticket prices are, stripteases ought to be included in the price of admission! Those Ice Girls just aren't working hard enough.

Aurian - He's a hockey player, he could probably recognize the brand name of the bra as well. I'm sure he's seen more bras than Dolly Parton.
Psh, watermelons. Big mangos, yes. But this bra is quickly turning into legendary e-cup proportions.
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Okay does anyone know how much a good bra costs? I would never throw a good bra on the ice.

What happened to throwing some nice fresh food on the ice?

But I think next time someone should make themed bras. With Cowan's number and name.
Jordi, if I'd throw a nice cap onto the ice, then you'd have to throw your nice bra out there. :)

Wouldn't taking your bra off take a fair bit of time? There would be a faceoff at center ice by then wouldn't there? Practice, ladies, practice! haha
Okay does anyone know how much a good bra costs? I would never throw a good bra on the ice.

That's what the $5.99 bin at La Senza is for I guess.
This is way better than rats or toe rubbers. I approve.
Definitely take an extra bra (one should be enough--just choose your time in the game wisely). I recommend taking one of the tasteless numbers your last ex-boyfriend got you--but only if it isn't an underwire. Those are a lot harder to fit in a pocket or purse. I'm not tossing one of my good bras on the ice!

(And most women can whip their bras off pretty quickly, even without taking off their shirts. Getting the shirt off can actually take longer. Only guys have problems with the closures.) :)
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