Thursday, March 08, 2007


Jason Spezza's "New NHL" Injury

by Jes

Nobody does METRO quite like Taylor Pyatt and his permanent mascara, but Jason Spezza comes close with his latest injury.

From the Ottawa Citizen:
Jason Spezza may have to look into getting himself a personal shopper.

At the very least, he may have to take seriously coach Bryan Murray's suggestion that he get "hooked up" so he has someone to do his shopping for him.

For Spezza, a shopping trip on Monday was able to do something that Buffalo's Andrew Peters was unable to do two weeks ago: knock him out of a hockey game.

It might be an NHL first.

Clearly chagrined, Spezza said yesterday he wasn't "going to get into too many details" of how he suffered the back injury that forced him to miss Tuesday's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins and could keep him out of tonight's game here against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Who could blame him?

You wouldn't want people to start joking that you hurt your back reaching for your wallet.

But Murray helped out by sketching the broad strokes of the misadventure, saying Spezza told him he had been sitting in his car and got out, but then felt a tightness in his back.

"I guess he had to go shopping," Murray said. "He should get hooked up and then he wouldn't have to do that. ... It got better (Tuesday), but not to the point where he felt he could play in the game.
Injuring your back while shopping, welcome to the "New NHL".

What's next? A lower body injury from a hair-removal procedure? Day-to-day with Botox inflammation?

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