Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Hockey News Player Survey

by Jes

Yes, I am the last hockey blogger on Earth to mention the Hockey News Player Survey. I pride myself on being 2 days behind the times. Why do you think I enjoy Disco so much?

Basically, The Hockey News polled 283 NHLers to find out their thoughts on the game.

Some of the responses might surprise you...or not...

  • 89% believe there should be more games against the other conference.

  • 70% believe there should be NO CHANGE to the shootout. (Gah!)

  • Only 37% would take a shorter season knowing that it would mean less revenue.

  • Just 3% of NHLers think there needs to be more punishment than 5 minutes for fighting.

  • Only 5(!) players picked WOMEN as the best part about being an NHLer...

  • Of all of the teams that players would NOT want to be traded, not one player picked Vancouver. Ahh, more proof that Vancouver rules and Edmonton (who got 28 votes) drools.

  • Some other interesting tidbits if info from the survey
  • Players hate Sean Avery the most, and it wasn't even close! 66.4% of respondents picked the little motor-mouth as the Most Hated, including his former and current teammates, I'm sure. To Sean's credit, this is probably what he's been striving for.

  • 76% of NHLers would pick Sidney Crosby as the U-21 player to build around. Alexander Ovechkin got just 15%! Neener-neener-NEEner!

  • More players (52%) would rather have their kid go the NCAA route than the CHL route (39%), which is really surprising given the background of most NHLers.

    It's also obvious that some took the opportunity to make a few funny answers to the questions...

  • Some joker selected "Video Coach, Steve Summers" as the best thing about their job.

  • 1 player even picked WOMEN as the worst thing about their job. I'm guessing it's the same guy that really likes Steve Summers O_o

  • 1 player picked Cam Janssen as the worst thing about their job. $2 says that was Tomas Kaberle's vote.

  • Oh, and the players luv Joe Sakic...

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    3% of players think the best thing about their job are the naps? I guess that must be the backup goalies to Luongo and Broduer... :p
    3% of players think the best thing about their job are the naps? I guess that must be the backup goalies to Luongo and Broduer... :p

    or Pavol Demitra, who lists SLEEPING among his favourite hobbies.
    What amases me is that Mathias Tjarnqvist got one vote as a player under-22 that you would select as a foundation for your franchise? The dude is soon to be 28!
    Hey, don't knock the naps. I read a sleep study recently that found the best sleep people get is between 6 and 12 years old--after that, it is all downhill. I'd love a job that involved napping. :)
    I thought it was weird that no one listed Boston as the place they'd least like to be traded to. I guess there are worse things to be than perennially mediocre, such as being in Buffalo.
    "Cam Janssen" was my favorite response. Though I also liked how players' pet peeves came through. The "most hated" and "most overrated" lists have about 20 guys each that only got one or two votes.
    Can't disagree with the players...I luv both napping and Joe Sakic too.
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