Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hockey Across the Ocean

by Greg

For a bit of a change-up...

The playoffs are well under way in the Czech Extraliga (my European league of choice), and Misha passed along a few links regarding the postseason over in the land of great beer and beautiful women.

Czech television has a site up entirely devoted to the playoffs here -- lots of news that I can't read, and lots of video highlights that speak a universal language. Misha says they're broadcasting the games live online, though isn't sure if that'll work outside of the Czech Rep. I've yet to be online at the right time (if I've calculated right, they usually start about 11 am Eastern time).

And over at, there's a comprehensive review of the regular season. Plenty of familiar names to North American fans (and the interesting news that Vladimir Ruzicka is coming out of retirement in case of shooutout emergencies).

I'll close this off by irritating Jes thoroughly: Go Sparta!


$parta? geez, why not cheer for Halliburton, Microsoft, and Starbucks!

Thanks for that link. I'd never seen that site, and got a few cool video clips to add to my collection.

Just wait for Valdemar...
Yeah, I'm definitely book-marking that link. Cool site!

Beautiful women is understating it a lot.

Okay.. yea.. maybe there are a few leftover mutants from the Chernobyl accident, but still... there is nothing quite like the beauty of a Czech or Slovak woman. (See: Kyla Cole)

(yea.. I am biased.)
So, live games update - they began to broadcast them, but there were rights issues so they were forced to close them down and now they are making negotiations with marketing agency and 02, who runs their own, but poor website with live games, but paid. so the future of live games is unsure. meanwhile enjoy the clips!:)
Cheering for Sparta is a BAD BAD THING. Liberec? Nerves anyone? No way boys, the bowl is going to the south this year. MOTOR!
Vakfan? Tomas Vak? :) He is a wild and crazy guy...I remember seeing video clips of him and Tomas Demel together celebrating goals like drugged out monkeys!

I cheer for Trinec first and foremost, and Liberec second. Anyone but Sparta and Pardubice...

HC Mountfield has a strange team...they don't look strong, but they continue to surprise and win a lot of games. Viktor Hubl was quite a pick-up for them, and crazy Vak :)
It´s a pity Vak-Man cant skate... Trinec is a good choice. Good, hardworking team. Their home rink is a pool. They are not allowed to sell sausages or tea. If you fart you might get thrown out.
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