Tuesday, March 27, 2007


HNIC: Now with 15% Less Maple Leafs!

by Jes

Some big news in the world of broadcasting this week as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) extended their deal to host Hockey Night in Canada on Saturdays.

From the Mother Ship:
The CBC and the NHL announced a new television deal Monday that will keep Hockey Night in Canada on the air until 2014.

The six-year broadcast deal, which includes national English-language broadcast and multimedia rights to NHL games in Canada, will begin when the current agreement between the CBC and the league expires after the 2007-08 season. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

"Can you imagine seven more years of me? How can it get any better?" Don Cherry, co-host of Coach's Corner, told CBC Sports Online.

"I'm very happy. [Hockey Night in Canada ] should be on the CBC. It's been on the CBC [since the 1950s] and this is where it belongs."
Seven more years of Donald S. Cherry? *headdesk*

The Don is right, though, that HNIC does belong on CBC and some traditions should never die.

The best part is now that us non-Leafs lemmings won't have to subjected to seeing Toronto EVERY FRICKIN WEEK!

Bettman said the new deal will feature fewer Toronto Maple Leafs games during the regular season, with more dates being allocated for other Canadian teams.

"The mix is not going to be what it's been in previous years," Bettman said. "We decreased the number of the Leaf games and increased the number of games of the other Canadian teams that can be made available."
Some have complained that the CBC is a dinosaur and wouldn't be missed in hockey broadcasting. Well, phooey to them, because I like the way CBC respects the game of hockey (just see Hockey Day in Canada) and presents a product that is lower on frills than the bombasts at TSN and Sportsnet. I need Pierre McGuire's "Monsters" as much as I need a colon cleansing.

Still, if the CBC is going to make tweaks to HNIC, perhaps Gary Bettman can force the following...

  • 1. Retire Bob Cole and Harry Neale out to pasture. Bob is still catching up from plays made in 2001, and Harry is more concerned about giving the Leafs verbal BJs and telling you how many millimeters Bryan McCabe was away from the goal when he shot the puck wide of the net.

  • 2. Fire Greg Millen. For entertainment value, have Don McLean announce it publicly so that the whole country can celebrate.

  • 3. Bring back Al Strachan vs. Brian Burke. If you want entertainment, this is it! Who doesn't like seeing Al being torn apart like Christmas wrapping?

  • 4. More K-Fed. Always more K-Fed.

  • Given how much the CBC has lost in the past few years (CFL, Olympics, etc...), the CBC really needed to cement this deal to retain any relevance. What other shows on this network are worth watching? The Mercer Report? This Hour has 22 minutes? ...that's about it...

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    While I understand the beefs of non-Leaf fans I wonder how this move will affect HNiC's ratings/revenues and whether they will stick to it for all 6 seasons of the deal.

    Personally, I hope that the CBC bleeds money and comes crawling back.

    And suggestions 1-3 are ok but more K-fed? I guess no one's perfect.
    Scott Oake's hair should be surgically removed from his scalp and then animated in order to host a 2nd period call-in segment.

    It would be mandatory that they air at least one call per episode providing viewers with a new way to insult The Hair.

    Don Cherry is a pox. But so are the Leafs so I guess it's fair.
    Less Leafs? YAHOO!!! That does it, I'm getting Centre Ice again next year.
    I'm not against Greg Millen calling the late games. I rarely watch Edmonton or Calgary as it is anyway.

    Honestly, they should promote Kelly Hrudey to do more on-air stuff. As much as Hrudey is a goober sometimes, he is infinitely better than Millen.

    The Hotstove is excellent, but I don't feel it should contain three media views. It should incorporate another hockey view - an ex-GM or a retired player. The media is good at reporting rumours, but I'd like the inside report as well.

    Finally, Cole and Neale should be replaced. Losing Cuthbert hurt CBC, and Hughson agreed to do the West Coast games. They have no one to replace Cole since losing Cuthbert. They need to develop some new on-air talent.
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