Thursday, March 22, 2007


Canucks 2 - Predators 0: Post-Game Recap

by Jes

Thanks for the generosity of one of our vendors here at work, and my astute rigging of the prize draw, I scored 2 tix to last nights Preds/Canucks tilt. Free tickets, ftw! This was my first chance to see the Nashville Preds in person, awful uniforms included.

It was a typical Canucks game as they beat another good team in a low-scoring affair. Nashville looked absolutely flat, and got very little going on the Canucks, who out-shot the Preds 30-20 and won 2-0.

Jan Bulis, of all people, beat Tomas Vokoun with a looooooooong slapshot that was weaker than my gramma’s tea.

I love his quote after the game...
”It was a shaky goal," he said. "In warmup he skates around the red line and I know him a little bit, and I said, `Come on, let one in for me, so I found it a pretty soft goal from his point of view, and I was kind of laughing if he let it in."

So, onto my love rocket climb!

  • Before the game, Roberto Luongo was presented with the Mark Messier Award for Leadership. The crowd was like ‘WTF is this?’ more than anything.

  • My girlfriend asked: “Who the hell buys wine at a hockey game?”
    Just then, some generic Yaletown Yuppie chick buys a NyQuil cup of Chardonnay. Mystery solved.

  • "Day-o" - It's bad enough that they play this stupid audio clip at every Canucks game, but they played it *4* different frickin times!! They must be pumping the chant audio into GM Place because I didn't see anyone around me actually partake in it (Maybe there is hope for this city)

  • By my unofficial count, there were more LINDEN sweaters in the crowd than any other player. NASLUND came in a close second, and the SEDINBOTS would be #3.

  • The scoreboard operator gave #10 Marian Gaborik the first assist on Tommi Santala’s goal. Either Potatohead is so good that he can get assists on goals in different countries, or the Canucks made one hell of a trade nobody knew about.

  • Speaking of those 'delightful' pink sweaters, all but one woman wearing one was a brunette. Have they changed the rules? Is there a hair colour coordination schedule available on

  • JP Dumont, who skates like a drunken truck driver, is in a 3-way race with Joe Thornton and Robert Lang for the most unzipped hockey pants. Do your nuts need more exposure, son? Your fly is open, and it looks silly.

  • I wouldn't have been surprised if Tommi Gun Santala finished this season without a goal. He has one of the worst shots I've ever seen from a non-goon. Yet, here he was tonight, beating Tomas Vokoun with a snappy wrister. WTF. eh?

  • Peter Forsberg is definitely a greasy weasel. Bieksa hit him a couple of times, only to have Peter slip and pop right back up as if nothing happened. Is Vasoline a performance-enhancing substance?

  • Jan Bulis. Best game as a Canuck, by far.
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    Wow, praise for Bulis? Hell just froze over and the Laffs are skating on the lakes of fire. :p
    Could you post a pic of Dumont's nuts? I mean, not of his NUTS, but of the fly open - er, yeah, basically a pic of his nuts would be funny.
    Is Bulis the kind player who has maybe one or two really good games per season, and just completely sucks eggs the rest of the time? The guy had a 4-goal game against the Flyers last year and basically, that was it! Coaches hate guys like him, because they're left thinking that 99% of the time, these "enigmatic" players are not giving it their all.
    Yes he is. He has the ability to make some very nice moves, but he also has the ability to be a bonehead. I believe someone once said they`d like to trade for Bulis`s body... as long as they could have a different brain in there...
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