Thursday, March 08, 2007


Asshat of the Day: Chris Simon

by Jes

Simon says, "I'm a cheap-ass thug!"

Another vicious 'head shot event' in the NHL tonight as Chrissy Simon went nutso on Ryan Hollweg of the New York Rangers.

Hollweg drove Simon into the boards with a hard, clean check. Simon got up angrily and met Hollweg as they came together again. Hollweg fell to his back and rolled over onto his stomach by the boards. He was motionless for a few moments, and was bleeding from his chin when he got up.

Simon, who gave the Islanders a 1-0 lead in the second period, was ejected -- slapped with a match penalty for deliberate attempt to injure
Now, isn't Chris Simon supposed to be a tough guy? an enforcer?
Hmm, now what kind of tough guy can't take a clean hit? It reeks of big baby who couldn't stand being hit just a little. I'm always amazed at how so many NHL players get made after a clean hit, and act surprised as if it wasn't coming.

Now, the question is "How many games will Colon Cleansing Campbell give Simon?"

Based on the standards we've seen this year *cough*Janssen*cough*, probably 1-2 games.

It would be nice for the NHL to stop following poorly-established precedents and start nailing these idiots with some serious penalties. Simon's high-stick was an obvious intent to injure and could have caused something far more serious to Hollweg.

Let's start seeing some 10 game suspensions for this kind of crap. A match penalty isn't going to do anything in the long run.

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Campbell gave Marty McSorley 23 games. Although Campbell's disciplinary actions have been less than fitting lately, he will have to use McSorley as a watermark. He should give Simon the gate for the remainder of the season and the playoffs.

Here's the weird thing.... He will.


Simon's career is done anyway, so this will amount to a ban.
Disgusting and shocking. This was just as ugly as the McSorley incident. Simon needs to be banned for the next year period.
The only thing which I see that's questionable about that hit, was that it could have been a borderline boarding call. I think the NHL needs to make up its mind on the whole "checking from behind" rule. Because that may be why Simon pulled an Eddie Shore, of sorts.

As far as being penalised, he should receive a stern punishment and be forced to play against the likes of Todd Bertuzzi and Dominik Hasek (roller hockey style) for the rest of his playing days.

After that, he'll never want to pick up a stick again.
In a way, I liked the big ol crackdown that Bertuzzi got for his idiotic hit (even if its unclear if the broken neck was from Bert or all the Avs jumping on top afterwards). However, the NHL almost immediately backpedaled and started handing out 1-2 games for other "intent to injure" crap.

They really need to set clear rules on what is and isn`t allowed and if you look like you`re trying to injure someone, I`d say at LEAST 30 games would get the message across...

Hits = good. Concussions and broken bits = bad. But the NHL will probably have their heads up their butts until a big star like Crosby is broken on the ice.
This one screams "intent to injure." No parsing around it: Simon got up looking for Hollweg and took a swing that actually looks worse the more you look at it.

The fact that Hollweg was lucky to not be seriously hurt, and wasn't convulsing on the ice should be a factor in the decision.

Suspend him for the rest of the season.
Well he just got an indefinite suspension. Good sign.
The wheel has been spun....and it's landed on suspended indefinitely.
your commentary is right on. I have lost all respect for Simon. He is an enforcer and should have dropped the gloves if he wasnt happy. though Hollweg isn't a heavyweight he would have gone. very disappionting..simon needs to be banned period!
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