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by Greg

Thanks to my work schedule, I get to actually attend a Thrashers game about once every two months or so, and unfortunately the latest was tonight's snorefest loss to the New York Islanders, who I'm always sort of amazed to find still active. I know one real-life Islanders fan, and he still lists his favorite player as "John Tonelli," and I'm pretty sure they haven't been to the playoffs since Tonelli was active. Which didn't prevent them from winning tonight.

There were somewhere around 16 people in the stands -- I know that makes everyone shriek "hockey's failing in America! Move the Thrashers to Banff!" or whatever, but seriously -- it was 35 degrees and rainy today, both conditions that make Atlantans drive even worse than normal, so the mere task of getting to the game was about as hazardous as a weekday jaunt through downtown Baghdad. Anyone who actually went deserves some sort of Congressional Medal of Honor, and I happily include myself in that.

Anyone who sat through that game deserves two medals, unfortunately. The Islanders may amuse us all with their existence, but good God they're a boring team to watch. And any night the Thrashers' most notable player is Jim Slater, you'll probably want your money back (except my tickets were free).

Added note: the Thrashers have a "send your text message and we'll run it on the jumbotron" feature, but my semi-drunken "Bring back Kloucek" message never made it. Yeah, man, censorship is alive and well down south.

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As an Islanders fan: ouch.

I will conced that lately they've been playing way too conservatively to the point of snoozedom. And outside of St. Jason Blake there is no razzle dazzle. But still, ouch, dude.

If you want to talk boring, try the Devils. They're melatonin on ice.
Rule #1 about getting free tickets: Don't complain about how boring it was!!!! >:(

As for the txt msgs, what exactly did them deem acceptable?
"ilya kovalchuk is so dreamy lolz"

I guess my "I miss jiri slegr :(" wouldn't have made the cut, either.
In fairness to the Isles, the Thrashers weren't terribly exciting either. I'm just a bitter, bitter man.

One more source of bitterness: Mike Dunham can apparently stop pucks now, something he was unable to do during last season's stretch drive.

re: the text message stuff, it was generally along the lines of "I LUV U EXELBY" "i love u kovy" "Go Hossa". Best laugh was "I'm an attractive single woman in section 217," which I'm going to presume was a joke.
The Banff Mountaineers? Hmm.. I like it!!
Hey, I'm with you man. The Islanders shouldn't even be around any more. Let's move em to Winnipeg! I actually wrote something about it this week!

From the Igloo to Flatbush -
Uhh, the Islanders have been to the playoffs since Tonelli was active.

And before you trash the franchise any further you'd give yourself some sense of credibility by acknowledging that they may have been the single-most dominating team in sports history.

But you'd have to actually do some research to know things like that.
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