Saturday, February 24, 2007


Thrashers Make Move

by Greg

Just got Alexei Zhitnik from the Flyers for Braydon Coburn. Quite a price to pay -- geez, it really is a seller's market this year.

Good lord, Don Waddell looks absolutely awful -- beet-red face, downcast, the same demeanor one usually associates with a funeral. He pretty bluntly stated that more moves are coming. He said he wouldn't consider anyone on the roster safe.

After another crappy game tonight, they sure needed something. I like Zhitnik. But for pete's sake, I hope a center is still coming.

Editing this a bit later -- this is really starting to seem like a bad move. Zhitnik's got, what, 25 points? They just gave up perhaps their biggest bargaining chip, and didn't address their biggest need. Ugh.

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I saw that post-game presser (thank you SportSouth, that's one of the few times you actually did something smart), and both Hartley and Waddell looked like someone shot their dogs...

Hartley came out saying all the right things, but you could tell his body language didn't agree with his words.

As for Waddell, I don't know if he told Coburn face-to-face of the trade, but he just looked depressed. (It must be said that 99.9999999% of fans never get to see a press conference immediately after a GM/coach has told a player he's been traded.)

I think it's also a tacit admission by Waddell that Coburn has been a bust.
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