Saturday, February 10, 2007


Stuck in Traffic

by Greg

As a rule, I'm not too big on minor league theme nights -- they just sort of encourage really ugly jerseys, and are best ignored.

But an upcoming ECHL promo intrigued me -- the Gwinnett Gladiators (located just outside Atlanta) are hosting a "Tribute to Atlanta Traffic" on February 24th.

Now, indulge me in a bit of blatant localism here: there's nothing tribute-worthy about Atlanta traffic. It's awful. I know everyone says that about their city, but combine bad roads, poor infrastructure, inadequate public transportation, and drivers that think NASCAR is a tutorial, and you've got quite a mess.

So I e-mailed the Gladiators asking what's up, and I must admit, I got quite a laugh out of the response:

For a city with "Lane Closed Ahead" as its official motto, it's pretty appropriate. The jerseys are auctioned off afterwards to benefit the Gladiators Foundation for Kids, so hey, all for a good cause. It doesn't look like I'll be able to make the Feb. 24 game, alas, as it sounds like fun.

As an added incentive, the web site also says that night's game is the "Girls Gone Gladiators" event. Unfortunately, my initial idea of what that might be turned out to be wrong.

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From Greg's February 25 post:

"Well, I tried to make tonight's game as I was suddenly free to go and a hot date was going to meet me there.

Unfortunately, there was 20-car pileup on the freeway and I was stuck in traffic for 4 hours. I missed the game, and maybe of the love of my life."

Hey, at least there has been some 'hot' trading action in the past 24 hours... :)
Now those are some clever jerseys.

Maybe the Blackhawks could borrow the concept until the Dan Ryan is completed! :)
Pretty amusing jersey... not only ugly, but functional.

The NY Islanders have orange jerseys that make them look like crossing guards/traffic cones, but this goes even beyond that!
Thanks Greg. I don't usually make it over to Glads games but this is so funny I might need to go take pictures.
Holy highway merger! These guys have, much like the discovery of penicillin, unintentionally created the most collectable hockey jersey in history! Think about it! In five or ten years, some jersey collector in Vancouver, Minneapolis, or Boston or wherever, will see that abomination, and think, "Man, that is one FUG-A-LY sweater......I gotta have it!". Gentlemen, I bow to your subtle genius.
Best Regards,
-Tim R., Phoenix Roadrunner Fan
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