Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Someone Do Something

by Greg

Note: this was written as I sat in a bar, waiting for the Super Bowl to begin. So there's a few beers involved. It was also written before the Sean Avery trade, but that earthshattering development aside, the basic message still works for me. Anyway:

This is the time of year when I'm scanning the wire reports, when every blip on the hockey transactions creates a mild rush of excitement. And so, I implore the general managers of the National Hockey League -- do something interesting. Anything.

Sorry, Kyle Wanvig-for-Andy Delmore isn't cutting it. We're hearing so much about possible trades, but the most interesting development of 2007 has been a 35-year-old second-line center for a still-young underachiever and a few draft picks (and now, with safe hindsight, good job, Rangers -- transforming two top-ten picks in one year into Jamie Lundmark and Pavel Brendl. It's a reverse alchemist's dream, the ultimate example of turning gold into crap).

Both my teams need some help (and both, to best illustrate this, have been sipping deeply from the oasis of suck lately). Of course, the only real rumor surrounding either team involves Peter Forsberg. And it's still disorienting to have the Avalanche rumored to be trading for Forsberg, as if they just mislaid him for a bit.

Of course, the Avalanche and Thrashers are just two of the 48 teams rumored in the hunt for Forsberg. The saga may end with Philadelphia trading him to the Flyers. I'll be pleased if he ends up (and healthy) with the Avs or Thrashers, nonplussed if he ends up with the Canadiens or Predators, mildly amused if he ends up with the Blues or Jackets, mildly annoyed if he ends up with the Sabres or Canucks.

And if he ends up with the Red Wings? I'll root for his ankle bone to split off during practice. I can't think of a less-pleasing image than Foppa in Twizzler Red.

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And if he ends up with the Red Wings? I'll root for his ankle bone to split off during practice

For once, we agree!!

The "New NHL" has just killed in-season trades, which really create a lot of buzz and attention for the league. Good job, Buttman.
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