Sunday, February 11, 2007


Ronald Petrovicky vs. Kris Newbury: BRUTALITY!

Anyone familiar with the Mortal Kombat series of games is well aware of the BRUTALITY finishing move.

A similar nasty experience occurred (minus an actual death) in last night's game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins.

A record regular-season crowd of 19,620 crowded the Air Canada Centre to see Sidney Crosby perform his magic, but he was hardly the star of the show.

Maple Leafs center Kris Newbury was taken off the ice on a stretcher late in the third period after a fight with Pittsburgh's Ronald Petrovicky. The Toronto forward took several punches to the head before falling to the ice. He stayed motionless for several minutes before taken being off.

The two dropped gloves 33 seconds after Pittsburgh tied it at 5, and the game was delayed for about 6 minutes.

"He's alert and he was on the ice when he left," Toronto coach Paul Maurice said. "He's conscious and talking. We'll test him out tonight and tomorrow."

Maurice said it reminds him how violent the game can be.

"It doesn't matter how tough you are or how many punches you've taken if you get hit in the right spot you're going down," Maurice said. "It's a pretty serious business when they drop those gloves."

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, here's the video clip of the fight.

Ronald Petrovicky has always been a fiesty guy and willing combatant, but never one to associate with knockout power. I'm kind of surprised he could pull something like this off.

Kris Newbury? I don't know much about him, but his minor-league stats and size suggest he's a very similar player to Petro. A good middle-weight tilt that ended badly for one guy. Let's hope Newbury's young NHL isn't cut short. D00d's played only 15 NHL games so far.

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Cool hockey blog. I didn't know there were any.

My team is the FLyers so I hate this season so far, who is your team? The Kings? Vancover? can't figure it out by reading your rants just yet.
Jes is actually a closet Flyers fan, really. :P
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