Saturday, February 24, 2007


Petr the Great

by Greg

I didn't realize Hockey Rants was starting a global trend way back when, with unabashed Petr Tenkrat fandom.

But a commenter pointed out that over at HFBoards -- they've now got the Official Petr Tenkrat Appreciation Thread. I thought I was a big fan of the guy, but I didn't know half of that stuff.

How did Petr celebrate? By going right out and, uh, twisting his ankle. He'll miss tonight's Bruins-Panthers game. Fame is a cruel mistress.

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Tenkrat's been good, especially lately. He seems to have some chemisty with Brad Boyes and Stanislav Chistov, and as a line they've picked up the pace in the last few games. I like what I've seen from him- too bad he's out tonight.
I have this dream where I visit Boston, and the stands are just awash in Tenkrat jerseys. Is there any hope of that dream becoming... a reality?
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