Saturday, February 17, 2007


Hope Dies Last

by Greg

Figures -- soon as I say "that's it -- Avalanche are done -- wait 'til next year," the team starts showing signs of life. Peter Budaj shuts out the Mighty vastly superior Ducks. In one of the nicer moments of the season, Joe Sakic scores his 600th goal against the Flames. Milan Hejduk returns from wherever he's been hiding all season.

So natch, mere days after writing them off, I'm starting to feel those faint stirrings of hope again. Tapeleg wrote a bit about his inability to root for the team to fail, which I totally understand. But in the end, should they somehow creep in to the playoffs (and they're now almost even with Edmonton for the number nine spot), I don't see them being able to pull off a surprising run in the manner of last year's Oilers.

I'd rather see Colorado blow things up a bit, write off this season, and start moving forward, rather than hovering around the 7-8 spots for a few years, always trading for a couple vets at the deadline then accomplishing nothing in the playoffs. It won't be easy to dump players, sure -- especially Theodore and his ridiculous contract -- but it's time to let the playoff streak die a natural death, and take a cue from the 2003-04 Rangers.

That said: I'll be watching the Avalanche tonight, rooting for another blow to the Flames. There's a disconnect between knowing something is good for me and actually wanting it to happen.

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Canucks = Dagger
Avalanche = Heart

5-4. That win was big and sweet. I kept picturing what Greg might have been doing at home while Luongo robbed Rycroft..
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