Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Guerin Goes to the Sharks

by Jes

So, the Blues finally found a taker for Bill Guerin in the San Jose Sharks and have added another 1st round pick (albeit a low one in a weak draft) to their stockpile.

Guerin has been decent for the Blues this year with 28 goals (team leading), 19 assists, and a +6 in 61 games. He obviously showed a much better performance with the Blues than he did with the Stars, and the Blues end up getting some nice assets for essentially a free agent rental.

Looks like another good deal for the Blues.

(Edited 10:24am)

So, the throw-ins were forward Ville Nieminen and forward prospect Jay Barriball.
Nieminen is a guy I can live without, as he's not all that great defensively and often very undisciplined (only 14PIM this year, strangely enough, but -7 in 30 games with just 2 points).

Barriball is a 7th round pick of the Sharks and is a tiny little package at like 4'2" and 85 pounds. I wouldn't expect much from him.

Still, a 1st round pick for a rental is a good haul and the Blues continue a pretty steady rebuild. If anything, the Blues are doing a good job of drafting and acquiring prospect assets to build with.

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Since I'm in MN, I get to see a lot of Gopher games. Gotta disagree on your assessment of Barriball. He's leading the Gophers in scoring, as a freshman. The kid's got loads of potential.
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