Thursday, February 15, 2007


Forsberg a Pred?

by Greg

Them's the reports, at least... more to come...


The Philadelphia Flyers have traded Peter Forsberg to the Nashville Predators for Scottie Upshall, Ryan Parent, a first round pick and a third round pick, sources tell The Canadian Press.

update update: I planned to do all sorts of amazing analysis, but, well, I'm at work. And it's hairy. I'm sure Jes will drop some serious science later -- in the meantime, James Mirtle does a nice job of breaking it down.

(Here comes Jes on the backcheck)

Talk about selling the mansion to rent a cottage!! The Preds are obviously going all-in on a straight flush like the Carolina Hurricanes did last year.

With some serious offensive firepower up front, and great goaltending, the Predators are one scary looking team at the moment. They are already 2nd overall in goal scoring and sport the best goal differential in the league (+55)

Here's how their team looks now..

Kariya Forsberg Sullivan
Erat Arnott Dumont
Hartnell Legwand Radulov
Nichol Fiddler Smithson/Tootoo

Timonen Weber
Zidlicky Suter
Vishnesvki Hamhuis


If this move doesn't generate some ticket sales and excitement in Nashville, just give it up and move the frickin' team!

Let's not also forget that the Flyers get a great return on a guy they signed as a free agent and were likely to lose... that's a lot for 'nothing'.

On another note, it seems Sportsnet didn't do much of a job of fading out The Fraud's face...

Nice beret, buddy! I guess Klessel's 'cover' is finally blown on national TV.

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Wow, Nashville is serious this year. I suppose they wanted another big, strong forward to fight through Pronger when Nashvill end the Ducks meet in the playoffs. (They so will.)

Actually glad the Habs didn't get in on this, would have been too much to give up considering the team is currently without a playoff position.
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