Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Deadline Day: More Musings

by Jes

A few more Deadline Day musings...

To St. Louis: Brad Boyes
To Boston: Dennis Wideman

So, the Blues gave up on a young, offensively talented blue-liner quite quickly. Still, I like Boyes and he's the safer bet to perform well in the future. Wideman's future is 'wide open', as he could become the next Peter Ratchuk or a Jason Woolley-lite.

To NYI: Ryan Smyth
To Edmonton: Robert Nilsson, Ryan O'Marra, 1st round pick

Few things surprise me in the hockey world, but Ryan Smyth being traded today is one of them. I never figured "Captain Canada" would be dealt, but I guess the Oilers see the writing on the wall and the price they extracted from the Islanders was too good to pass up. Does this burn the bridge between Smyth and the Oilers?

To Anaheim: Brad May
To Colorado: Michael Wall

What is with Brian Burke's obsession with Brad May? The guy can't score, defend, or even fight well any longer. If this was 10 years ago, it might make sense, but May hasn't been a useful contributor in many years. Sure, the price paid was small, but methinks Burke has an unhealthy like for the guy.

To Boston: Aaron Ward
To NYR: Paul Mara

Wow, Aaron Ward didn't last long. What a steal for the Ruins, though, as they dump a soft lump of lard in Mara and get something useful.

Why did the Rangers want Mara, anyway? Do they miss the softness they used to have in Tom Poti and Sandis Ozolinsh??

Mara has a career -104 in 483 games, which really does help tell the story about his 'defensive' skill.

To Detroit: Kyle Calder
To Chicago: Jason Williams
To Philly: Lasse Kukkonen, 3rd round pick

Wow, that Handzus trade really turned out great for the Flyers *chuckle*. Now, am I missing something here?

Sure, Williams' production has slowed down to just 26 points this year, but why Kyle Calder? D00d's been a complete bust with Philly (21 points and a -31) and has been a lumbering oaf of complacency all season long. A bit of a headscratcher.

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on the blues and wideman, the got backman with an escalating contract, just re-upped brewer to over 4 million a year, have mckee at 4 per year, and jackman and walker and wideman are all rfa, due a big raise. oh the blues will eventually have johnson playing d. i think the it is more a situation that wideman's upcoming raise and the d's hefty current price tag made him the bidy the blues trade from strength to fill weekness (a signed forward! woo!!)
I don't have enough to justify a post of my own, so I'll just grab on to your coattails...

* I think the Boyes trade is a pretty great move for the Blues. As anonymous noted, the Blues actually have some long-term strength at defense, and Johnson in the hopper. Boyes is only a year older than Wideman, and parts of this season aside, shows every sign of being solid for years to come.

* The lone Thrashers trade of the day seems designed to make Coburn-for-Zhitnik look smart. Give up Bourret, one of the team's top prospects if not the top prospect, for another third-line winger? What does Dupuis bring to the table that Brad Larsen and J.P. Vigier don't? This is why I drink.

* Someone, please, explain some of the deals the Kings made. Why get Jamie Heward and Jaroslav Modry? I guess Fransson is probably slated to be a good young defenseman, but the Kings gave up a decent amount of youth and picks and got back some old players for a rebuilding team.

* No matter what Robert Nilsson may do over the rest of his career, it won't be good enough. Poor guy.
Partially answering my own question, the Kings are freeing up salary -- Modry's a free agent after this season, Norstrom's signed through 2008. Still -- that deal bugs me, for whatever reason.
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