Saturday, January 06, 2007


Video of the Day - Retro Cloutier

This is post #1,000, which is a nice round number...

Rather than something big and explosive, like a Jaroslav Balastik goal, I'll post this very strange video.

Dan Cloutier + old country style video =

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Cloutier sucked before he got to Vancouver. Is undoubtedly the reason they never won a Cup in Vancouver in the past five years. And his signing in L.A. is proof he's either Marc Crawford's gay lover or Crawford really is as retarded as his decision to use Bourque, not Gretzky, in the shootout would have suggested long ago. Oh, and Lombardi falling for Crawford's salespitch on Cloutier indicates that either Lombardi hasn't actually seen a game in the past five years or was justly fired in SJ.
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