Friday, January 19, 2007


Root, Root, Root for the Other Team

by Greg

In addition to hockey, I'm a pretty big American football fan. Yeah, I can hear the sneers and jeers ("that's a popular sport"), but I make no apologies. It's the only sport, in my opinion, that can match hockey for excitement. Well, that and cricket played in a minefield.

During this season, I was a wreck. I root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which is the football equivalent of rooting for the St. Louis Blues these days -- "you guys tried hard" is about the best you can say. The Bucs went 4-12 this year, which for the football virgin, is not good.

From day one, they were never in danger of making the playoffs. But that didn't keep me from working myself into a nervous wreck every Sunday, agonizing over every setback, pacing up and down in the sports bar, going insane with every win, becoming known as "the guy who drops a lot of beer glasses." Every Sunday, I'd go home, exhausted and shattered.

Then, a funny thing happened. The regular season ended, Tampa Bay stopped playing, and I started enjoying football. The playoffs have been a lively ol' time, as I relax, enjoy, exult in good football, and never feel dread's cold hand on my heart. I don't care what happens! Let's just have fun!

Back to hockey. With more games spread over a longer period of time, I don't feel the highs and lows so much (until crunch time) -- I just become a cynic, a fatalist. Every loss, I'm certain, will begin the Thrashers' long slide out of playoff contention. I while away my idle time dreaming up schemes to get Jose Theodore's work permit revoked. Things like that.

Then when it gets to the playoffs, things heat up, and it's back to agony. Last season, I knew the Avalanche weren't gonna do anything. They obviously didn't have it in them to get to the finals. But every game of the postseason, I was acting like an expectant father, walking around the house as I watched, twitchy, nervous. Then when they were finally eliminated and I didn't have a stake, I was able to kick back and have a blast watching.

The lesson in all this is, I don't think hockey is very good for my health.

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You have a very nice blog...come check out A presence like yours is always welcome as far as hockey insight. And I is stressful...but feels oh so good.
It's the only sport, in my opinion, that can match hockey for excitement.

Are you putting the NFL on a level playing field with the hockey for excitement? OFf WITH YOUR heAD! !!*&%&!!

Well, the things that are the most fun for us in life are a bit dangerous: booze, crack, bungee jumping, etc etc... you need some dangerous and stressful fun. You can't play it safe all of the time. The ups and downs are what make cheering for your team so much more fun.

PS: The Bucs? Ewww.. well, they have a bowl run, so don't complain too much.
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