Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Not-Quite-LiveBlogging the All-Star Game

Yes, I'm going to actually try and watch the NHL All-Star Game while doing a bit of homework, for no other reason that I believe in self-punishment.

I'll just post random thoughts as they pop up

  • They need to make those pre-game introductions about 3 hours shorter. Yes, we need to know who is in the game, but why put the fans to sleep before the game even begins?
  • The opera singer singing OH CANADA = Awesome. I'm sure all of those Texans were confused as hell listening to all them foreign french words.
  • "The Wreckers" sang the Star Spangled Banner, and the CBC audio feed wrecked my ears. What the hell was that?
  • Shouting "STAR" by the Stars fan... been there, done that. Booooring
  • No Rory and No Pavol...bah!! What a screwjob!
  • Could the PA announcer for the Stars possibly have a lower voice? He must have a third testicle.
  • 1-0 East thanks to Briere. I know there isn't a lot of D at the ASG, but Phillipe Boucher gave little Danny enough time to check out the bunnies in the crowd before he buried that.
  • 2-1 West after Teemu Selanne rifles it. This may be a return to the 13-11 ASGames of ye olden times.
  • Now it's 3-2 East as Eric Staal scores. Could the stringbean wear his chin strap any looser? Talk about a picture perfect example of a helmet being worn improperly.
  • If you are a parent, would you really want your teenage daughter on the bench with a bunch of testosterone soaked players? At least Lindy Ruff's daughter is a bit too young for them...except maybe Alexander Ovechkin.
  • 3-3 after 1. A decent pace, and I haven't fallen asleep...yet.
  • Urge to kill...rising!! Gary Bettman's house could be burning and he'd be telling you that it's OK because he's saving on heating bills. WHY CAN'T THE GUY EVER ADMIT PROBLEMS? Other than that involving payrolls...grrr
  • Rolston broke the puck with that shot??!
    Oh, it's the mic, nevermind. Damn, that would have been something, though.
  • Why is Jim Hughson calling Lubomir Visnovsky "Lubie"? That is ...disturbing...
  • I know it's Dallas, but COUNTRY music? Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man...
  • The NHL really should have hired ZLAD! That would have kicked some ass.
  • You know, if the West had a DEFENSIVE Dman like Rory Fitzpatrick, the East would have 3 goals, tops!
  • So, Tapeleg is also doing a bit of Not-Quite-LiveBlogging. As he notes, the railcam gets a big thumbs down. It's slow, and the angel is teh suck.
  • Why even bother having refs in this game?
  • Nothin much for Sidney Crosby tonight. It's too bad he has such a sucky player like Ovechkin holding him down :(
  • Ok, the unis might be liked by the players for being comfortable and all that, but the designs are still terrible. AS uniforms are rarely good, and you'd have to be a real supermark to want to purchase one of those 'beauties'
  • zzzz... game is such a bore now... please, just end.
  • 12-9 for the West (is best). First two periods were OK, but the 3rd period was more painful than the first round of auditions on American Idol
  • Who gets the fossil-fuel burning truck? Danielle Briere? WTF?? *sigh*
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    The Wreckers - Sounded like thier wireless mics were interfering with each other. Happen when two mics are really close together and the frequencys are set close. Either that, or someone's cellphone rang near the recievers.

    Too much info, I know.

    So you Yanks got the interference as well? Since the players weren't cringing, I assumed it was CBC.

    Hey, no such thing as TMI on this blog. :)
    Us Yanks also got Chuck Norris "interviewed" at the game. All he did was promote his new fighting show on Versus. It was so stupid. He didn't even mention the game.
    You have to watch the country music too? I'm soooo sorry. What are they thinking? And why should you have to watch that in Canada?
    You guys may not be getting it in the Marty Turco live in game audio, but it is brilliant.
    No, us poor Canadians are missing out :(
    Marty cracked me up. "Go celebrate somewhere else, get outta here."
    Highlight of the night was Turco saying "If I let one more in I get the win... don;t tell anyone I said that." 30 seconds later Souray scores on a shot Turco didn't move on.
    That's funny! Shame the Canadians didn't get to listen to it. The announcers did mention Turco was miked, but I don't think they ever cut to it. :(
    Canadians got to listen to Luongo and Smyth. That's was pretty funny as well.

    As for Turco and letting one in?
    Game-winning goals have always been a messed up stat in hockey.
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