Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Bad Uni Alert!!!

If you happen to live in Milwaukee, and love to collect really awful sports uniforms, check out this promotion.

(edit: Link fixed)

Hawaiian Jerseys? OMG, no whey!

This is in conjunction with the following promotion:

Saturday, January 20 vs Toronto – Best Beer Belly and Beach Party Night
The Admirals are looking for the best beer belly around in this off-the-wall theme night. Interested fans will compete for valuable prizes. Also, the Bradley Center will warm up in the heart of winter with a Beach Party theme. The Admirals will again wear Hawaiian-style jerseys. The first 5,000 fans will get leied as they enter the game & 2,500 kids 14 & under will receive a cool Milwaukee Admirals Beach Ball as the leave the Bradley Center.
Beer belly night? Hawaiian Jerseys? Is this team drying to drive people away or do people in Milwaukee love this stuff?


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Yeah, but you can't beat that "first 5,000 fans will get leied" pun.
Yes.... because when you think of Milwaukee, Wisconsin... you think of beaches and Hawaiian shirts.

Actually, it reminds me of the Mardi Gras promotion that had the Bakersfield Condors in these purple uniforms with yellow and green armbands.
Beach Party Night? Ok, I guess.

Best Beer Belly?! see enough of those on TV with all the darned diet ads trying to reel in those who actually still do the New Year's resolution thing.

If you had not mentioned Milwaukee, I would have first thought of Norfolk, VA. At least Norfolk would be a whole lot more appropriate for the beach party theme with its being more south AND on the coast...
The hawaiian jersey would actually be kind of cool if they used an authentic pattern across the whole jersey. All blue with white flowers would have been sweet.

Best beer bellies must mean that they have a grand total of 0 women at the game.

Wake me up when they break out the poi.
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