Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Alex Burrows: About Freakin' Time!

Alexandre Burrows, the guy with the English surname and French accent, hadn't scored a goal since his hat trick on March 22nd, 2006. This season? 0 for 38 heading into last night.

He hadn't even had a point since November 22nd!

Go figure that he'd go out and score an exceptionally beautiful goal, stealing a page out of the Miroslav Satan playbook. His goal proved to be the winner as the Canucks doused the Flames 3-2 (obligatory bad media pun)

It's funny seeing coach Alain Vigneault and half of the bench trying their hardest not to laugh too hard. When I was watching the game, I couldn't believe what I saw, either.

3 straight wins over the Calgary Flames = sweet.
Alexandre Burrows 1st goal of the season = sweet.
The sourpuss look on Dion Phaneuf's face = sweet.

"Sweet, sweet fantasy baby!"

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Nice work getting it off YouTube already!
What a goal indeed!! With hands like that, how the frick did he not score for so long?
Both you and Greg get a punch in the face (Tie Domi style) for posting Mariah Carey lyrics.

Oh yea. I guess I get one too for knowing where that reference came from.

What's next? A "My heart will go on" tribute to Pan Demitra?
It figures he'd go ahead and score, right after I proclaimed him the coldest-shooting forward in the league...

I fully expect credit for motivating him in the postgame interview.
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