Monday, December 11, 2006


"Vote for Rory" Campaign Goes Negative

Oh, dear. Why must democracy always become an exercise in negativity?

Taking a page out of Amerikan attack ads, the Vote for Rory campaign has come out swinging against some of Rory's competition.

First, here's the attack ad against Scott Niedermayer.

Nicklas Lidstrom isn't safe, either, as the campaign points out his major flaw.

Remember, Vote for Rory and vote often!

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Hilarious! I hope we'll see more of these "attack" ads.
Just as an aside, I think it speaks well of Nick Lidstrom (and is hilarious) that they had to go back SIX YEARS to find a bad game.
I believe Rory had a -4 in a loss against Toronto last season.
This is really saying something, but I think the comment directly above is the dumbest sentence in the history of anonymous trolls.
Then I suggest you should read comments elsewhere, Garnet.
I just wonder if the poster in question gets the whole Rory gag, is all. Both had a -4, eh? You mean Rory isn't really better than Lidstrom? Colour me shocked. On the other hand, I love the ads. Oh, what a gifted campaign could do with Chris Pronger ...
Don't get your panties bunched up, Garnet.

I'm just stating that Rory had a -4 against Toronto last season. Just the facts, ma'am.
By far the funniest thing about the ads is that is EXACTLY how negative campaigns work. Go back a few years if you must, but find something you can twist out of context and use to support your own superiority.

(Actually, those are better made than a lot of political ads...which supports my contention that they shouldn't be spending all that money on stupid ads, but use it for something useful.)
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