Thursday, December 14, 2006


Norrena Norrena

By Greg

The High Priest of Balastik is still sitting shiva for Jaro, so the uninspired, cranky Avs fan is checking in here in his stead.

There's actually been one Avs' loss in the one-up/one-down play of late that I don't feel so bad about. I'm a sucker for Cinderella stories, and Fredrik Norrena's hot run (five straight at this point, though I fully realize I'm dooming the guy to going down in flames against Phoenix tonight) qualifies.

Like, I presume, most hockey fans (don't lie), I greeted Norrena's sign-and-trade with the BJs with a resounding "eh." Because first of all, it's the Jackets, a team that's incurred the wrath of both Jes and myself (bring Tomas Kloucek up! NOW!) and has seemed content to hover on the edge of irrelevance, and second of all, guys who wait until late in their career to come over to the NHL rarely excite anyone.

In the midst of all the far-more-hyped stories around the league, it's fun to see this little burst from someone totally unexpected. He may end up becoming the next Blaine Lacher or Jim Carey, sure, but in the meantime he's helped create some interest around a team that wasn't overflowing with fascinating-ness before.

Best part of it? Dude's 33 years old. I STILL HAVE HOPE!

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You were right about dooming him. Thanks a lot.
If the Blue Jackets don't bring Kloucek up, there's more curses where that came from. I'm just sayin'.
Sorry Greg, but there's no hope. Get over the dream and order a case of Czechvar. :)
Shouldn't you guys be celebrating Filip Novak finally making it?
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