Saturday, December 09, 2006


Hockey 101: The Rink

The next time some n00bster asks you what all those pretty lines are on the rink surface, just point them to this diagram which explains the whole thang.


In fact, this whole SAS site is a hoot.

Re: Gord Miller
Gord Miller is TSN's top play-by-play announcer. His main features are a round yet manly chin and a voice that cracks every time a goal is scored.

Some hockey fans have suggested that Gord should replace Bob Cole as the voice of hockey. However, these ignorant fans have not considered the embarassment that would occur when a Stanley Cup game-winning goal is announced by a grown man just hitting puberty.

Gord Miller's greatest flaw is not knowing when to interrupt colour commentator Pierre McGuire and tell him to shut his goddamn mouth up about Monsters and Active Sticks.
Not to mention that the guy looks like Butthead.

Found the site myself a couple weeks ago, and laughed like crazy at the "accomplishments" of Gary Bettman. Although personally I would rank his smarminess higher than either the new NHL or expansion. Also note one of the players listed as NOT having played for the Vancouver Canucks. I wish reality was that easy to modify.

Missed the rink diagram the first time, though. Thx for pointing it out.
I do not like listening to Miller one bit.
Pierre however, I enjoy.
Sony specifically invented the MUTE button for Pierre Maguire. Well, if they didn't, it still makes a good story. If I were Gord Miller, I'd kick out the plug on Pierre's mic when he talks over the play-by-play for a half-minute. Either that or throw him out of the press box on to the ice below.
The Hemsky bit is brilliant. And they forgot Dan Cloutier in footnote 4.
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