Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A Dream Realized

by Greg

It's the holiday season, when one's thoughts turn to gifts and family and drinking beer until I pass out on my parents' couch (I mean, until one passes out on one's parents' couch), and bloggers get lazy and go to the YouTube well one too many times.

But someone posted a hockey highlight I've been lacking for nearly a decade, and I have to share it.

The backstory: in a late-'90s Avalanche-Rangers tilt, the normally mild-mannered Valeri Kamensky -- then my favorite player, still an all-time favorite -- was driven to irritation by Ulf Samuelsson, and punched old Ulfie out. Unfortunately, I wasn't watching that game -- probably one of about five Avalanche games I missed that year -- and never caught the highlight. And that absence has haunted me all these years. (Evidence)

Well, some kindly soul has got it up on YouTube -- so finally:

On one hand, it's not quite as magical as I expected (Val, you shoulda dropped the gloves). But still, I feel a little more complete today.

*pow* What a shot! Did Ulf take a dive or was he really out?

I hated Kamensky (in a non personal way) because he was one of those dirty Avs that always killed us. That certainly pushes him up a few notches on the Gőlbez player rankings.
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