Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Canucks 5 - Coyotes 2: Woof Woof!

Last night was very strange, indeed.

The Canucks...
  • Won a game
  • Scored more than 2 goals
  • Clearly outplayed a team
  • Outworked the opposition
  • Got an honest effort from The Emulator

  • All in the same night!!

    Yes, the Canucks put the choke chain to the Phoenix Coyotes by a 5-2 count.
    It's a rare occasion when the Canucks can put everything together and just kill a team.

    "But Jes, this was the Phoenix Coyotes. Even Wade Belak could score on them"

    Given how crappy the Canucks are this year, there are no easy wins. The Canucks can not look at the schedule and possibly say "This is a gimme"

    Some idiots were actually booing Ed Jovanovski, as if they wouldn’t have bolted for a desert oasis if offered a large fortune. Thankfully, the idiots were drained out by a lot of cheers.

    Canucks fans don't seem to realize how much of the Canucks' current struggles are a direct result of the loss of Jovanovski's offensive ability. With his puck moving ability, Jovo was a huge reason why the Canucks offensive game and transition game were so good.

    Every time Jim Hughson said Jovo's name, it was hard to believe that he was playing for another team. You get so used to hearing Jovanovski and see him either cough up the puck at the blue line or set up Naslund with a great break-out pass.

    And why the hell is Gretzky putzing around with Ladislav Nagy? You don't give your best offensive player a measly 14 minute of ice time a game. It's no wonder the Coyotes are losing. They give a slug like Dave Scatchard more ice time than their best offensive player.

    Golbez's 3 Stars
    1. Kevin Bieksa - 1 goal, 1 assist, +4, and 7 SOG. It's amazing how confident and cool this guy looks for a sophomore.
    2. Daniel Sedin - 2 assists and 3 SOG. His only blemish was passing up a good shot to pass to Trevor Linden. Why? JUST TAKE THE DAMN SHOT!
    3. Ed Jovanovski - +1 and 3 SOG in a losing effort. Jovo had a lot of spunk while many of his teammates didn't.

    Oh, Peter Bondra sure didn't take long to score #499.
    Let's do a little comparison
    Bondra: 1 game, 1 goal
    Balastik: 8 games, 1 goal
    Burrows: 31 games, 0 goals

    Not to rag on Burrows, because he does work so hard, but the d00d has absolutely no offensive talent whatsoever. Why aren't the Canucks spending money on guys who can actually score?

    Yep, Nonis is doing a great job.

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    Burrows is starting to look like Jarko Ruutu out there!
    I don't agree with your assessment of Jovo's loss affecting the Canuck's offence. At least not completely. Jovo was hurt way too often for me to actually miss him. I think Bieksa is becoming the new Jovo anyways.
    With all due respect to the 2 million points Gretzky scored, he's just not that smart. Anybody who can't bring himself to get over his stupid little tantrums and play a guy who, for the past two seasons, scored at a point-per-game clip, and instead gives more minutes to his plugs, is a stupid coach. You live and die with your talented players. Somebody in Gretzky's life needs to tell him he sucks at coaching. Or trade Nagy to a real hockey team. Please.
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