Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Canadians Fighting Overseas

Legendary coach Pat Quinn looks down his bench and sees Stacy Roest, Kirby Law, Chris Herperger, Tyler Wright, Jason Strudwick, Krys Kolanos, Brandon Reid, Josh Holden and Jason Doig.

The worst NHL team ever? Pat Quinn's nightmare?

No, it's Canada's Spengler Cup representatives fighting for Canadian 'freedom' against the evil European champions such as Mora IK, Davos, Khimik, and Berlin.

Lost in the shadows of the WJC is the 'other' International tournament which gets held every year and gives the little Swiss village of Davos a reason to exist.

Thankfully, Team Canada beat the evil Swedish club MORA IK by a 4-3 shootout count. No matter what the tournament, Canada must reign supreme.

  • Paul Romaniuk, what happened to your hair?

  • What's with the MORA fans moaning 'OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOHHHH'. Is this some Swedish summoning ritual? I guess evil lord Svend Robinsson didn't come to help tonight.

  • Canada beat Sweden at the WJC, giving Canada the double-whammy over our blonde-haired pals. That's worth a swig of Bacardi Liht Breezer, eh?

  • I'm impressed by some of these guys. It's hard to believe guys like Stacy Roest can't last in the NHL when they look so good and so fast in these tournaments.

  • It's certainly less depressing and more entertaining than watching the Canucks lose another 2-1 game.

  • Speaking of the WJC, here are my completely (un)biased predictions for the standings' finish.

    1. Canada - The complete package, once again.
    2. Czech Republic - Great goaltending and surprisingly good offense
    3. USA - Despite today's setback, they have great D
    4. Sweden - Some good top prospects, but depth is a concern
    5. Russia - ZZZzzzz....
    6. Finland - Rask isn't THAT bad, is he? (*cough*)
    7. Slovakia - A tall defense and no offense
    8. Switzerland - Speedy but not effective, as usual
    9. Belarus - The best fascist state in the tourney/
    10. Germany - Great win over the USA but they still suck.

    Compare these to the picks of James Mirtle, who doesn't get totally blasted before making predictions:

    1. Canada
    2. USA
    3. Sweden
    4. Finland
    5. Russia
    6. Slovakia
    7. Czechia
    8. Switzerland
    9. Belarus
    10. Germany

    Mirtle also points out Slovakia's massive defense
    Slovakia has three defencemen taller than 6 foot 6 for this tournament. Tomas Magusin (6 foot 7, 207 pounds), Vladimir Mihalik (6 foot 8, 242 pounds) or Juraj Valach (6 foot 7, 216 pounds) will all bring plenty of muscle in front of the Slovak net. Valach is the youngest at just 17, and will draw heavy interest in the 2007 NHL entry draft given he has 18 points in 27 games for the Tri-City Americans of the Western Hockey League so far this season.
    At 6'5" 210, I suddenly feel short in comparison to some of the trees coming out of the 'homeland'.

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    What is it in the water over there? First Chara, now these three towers. Crazy.
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