Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Why Does Greg Millen Hate Freedom?

The NHL announced that it will be handing out something, on a monthly basis, called the Mark Messier Award.

Naturally, I was curious as to why the NHL would award somebody for being a selfish, prickly, think-for-himself asshole that conspires with the team's GM to get rid of players he doesn't like and demands a role well above his current abilities.

Alas, it appears the award is going to be a bit different than that.

With input from the league, Messier will select a player each month who best exemplifies leadership qualities both on and off the ice. A leader of the year award will also be handed out at the end of the regular season.

Considered by many to have been the greatest captain in hockey history, the fiery Messier wore the "C" while leading the 1990 Oilers and 1994 Rangers to the Stanley Cup — becoming the only player ever to captain two teams to an NHL title.

That's right you mediots, just keep perpetrating that shop-worn myth that Mark Messier is the greatest leader in professional sports, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

It's amazing how the structural inertia of a media-made reputation is almost impossible to change at times.

Not only does the bald-headed buttwipe get an award named after him, but he's now popping his shiny dome into the broadcast booth.

Recently retired National Hockey League superstar Mark Messier will join Versus' game coverage at least six times during the league's regular season, as well as during the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals.
Didn't Messier state that he would pretty much not watch any hockey once he had retired? I guess his ego just wasn't bring stroked enough and he needed his 'fix'.


Meanwhile, the Columbus Dinner Jackets did something right for once and fired crappy coach Gerard Gallant. Members of the Gilbert Brule fanclub might have a reason for optimism.

Gerard Gallant took the fall for the Columbus Blue Jackets' slow start and was fired by the NHL team on Monday.

President and GM Doug MacLean was forced to make the move after watching his team get off to a 5-9-1-0 start. Columbus has yet to qualify for the post-season since coming into existence in 2000. "Obviously we haven't been performing as well as we would have liked this season," said MacLean. "It's a tough decision I had to make.

"It's a sad day for me because Gerry and I go way back and he's a good person. But hopefully we can turn things around now."
That's right, Doug, it was all Gallant's fault that the BJs have a horrible defence, questionable goaltending, and a lack of offensive firepower. Once again, good hockey organizations have strength at the top, and the BJs won't be a success until the root cause, DOUG MACLEAN, is long gone.

Anson Carter: 15GP 2-1-3 -5

He's sure showing them!

Gallant should have been fired weeks ago. McLean was way slow on this one though supposedly the Jackets' owner made this call. Wonder if he will have the cajones to completely clean house and give the Jackets a new GM as well as a new coach.
1) We thought that very same thing on our blog this morning.


2) We mused that Mark must have kissed(or someother verb) some serious assto have an award named after him before Gretzky, Mario, Orr, or even Patrick Roy
1) BTW, speakig of ass kissing, how can Doug McClean still have a job??
2) Geez, if Mike Milbury can finally get fired, when will the Jackets ownership finally wise up that McClean sucks and is the principal reason why the team will continue to suck as well?
AMEN and PREACH ON!! I nearly hurled when I saw the news about a leadership award being named after AND given out by "The Mess". What a friggin' media whore...which leads to a theory I just thought of regarding how Mess landed having a leadership award named after him:

The NHL decided to name the leadership award after whoever had the longest in-game retirement ceremony.

Makes perfect "sense" when one thinks about it...afterall, Messier's ceremony lasted almost two hours, blowing Ron Francis, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman*, AND EVEN Wayne Gretzky's ceremonies out of the water.

How "The Mess" got picked over ant of those four *still* makes me quite nauseous.

* - I know Stevie Y hasn't had his retirement ceremony yet...but I'd love to think that as much class as he has AND with the fact that he isn't a media whore, his ceremony wouldn't last practically the length of an NHL game.
By Default, I have to hate Messier for the game 6 prediction he made in the 1994 semifinals. I can also hate him because Scott Stevens (and the names previously mentionned above) are all better candidates than Messier.

Messier will most likely give the first award to Bettman's asscrack for giving Messier's face a warm refuge during the cold lockout months.

NHL Executives, bet you can't brown nose just one.
The first recepiant of the award was Brendan Shanahan.

Well, of course it's got to be him. Because when I think of leadership in NHL, I don't think of Joe Sakic, Joe Thornton, Jarome Iginla, Saku Koivu, Rod Brind'Amour, Daniel Alfredsson or anyone like that. No, I think of an ASSISTANT captain of the NY Rangers - the team that just happened to make Messier a bit more famous...
Wow, you guys are criticizing Mess for being "think-for-himself". Spoken like a true Communist, criticizing fo thinking for one's self
The Messier award isn't really an award at all. It is absolutely nothing more than a marketing ploy on the part of Cold-fx and their new spokescog, Messier.
Well, its the day after, and Brendan Shannahan wins the inagural award.

A Ranger wins the first one, what a surprise. My favorite quote of the night:

Messier: "I hope that the guys treat/respect this award like the other big awards given at the end of the season" (or something like that)

Yeah, giving the award to a Ranger can only help build respect for the award. The real question is, if Shannahan was still a Red Wing, would he have received it last night?

And yes, im still very bitter about last night's game..
I'd like to officially nominate Sandis Ozolinsh at the next winner of "the Mess".

Oz is supremely qualified to win:
-2 assists in his LAST 3 GAMES
-10games, 0G, 2A, -1
-plays for Rangers

The only argument against giving the award to "Sandy" is that he does not live up to Messier's high standard for delivering cheap shots. Messier was particularly adept at delivering vicious elbows that the refs avoided calling because Messier was a "legend."
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