Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Team by Team: One Up, One Down Part Deux

It's time to take a look at NHL teams 21-30 and one positive and one negative surprise on the statistical side of things.

I know I haven't done teams 11-20 yet, but they just don't matter as much.

+ Alexander Semin: The most popular player on San Francisco's Castro Street quietly came back to the NHL and has 17 points in 19 games.
- Richard Zednik: Now, d00ds got 11 points in 17 games, but just 3 goals! That's not very Zednik-like

+ Henrik Sedin: 20 assists in 24 games!! Impressive! Too bad he has just 3 goals
- Brendan Morrison: He's certainly not a 1st line centerman, but he's proving not to be even a 2nd line centerman with just 11 points and a -6 in 24 games. He gets good ice time with decent players, and he's not making it happen.

+ Darcy Tucker: 16 goals in 25 games, including 11(!) on the Power Play. His team worst -7 does detract from that, somewhat
+ Kyle Wellwood: This team doesn't another positive, so I'll hand one to Kyle Wellwood and his 21 points in 25 games. He was an awesome junior scorer, and hardly anyone gave him a chance in the NHL. Well, he's showing that talent can beat height.

+ Martin St. Louis: Last season was rather disappointing and we figured it was perhaps his true talent level. Now? He's got 15+15 in 24 games and a team best +8.
- Vaclav Prospal: 3+11 and a team worst -6. He's not pulling his own weight.

+ Lee Stempniak: 8+6 in 22 games and just 4 PIM. Lee is getting a chance to play, and I was worried he wouldn't after the Blues signed a bunch of old American fogeys.
- Dennis Wideman: 1+4 in 19 games. This guy is supposed to be their best offensive blueliner, and he's not really packing up the points.
- Manny Legace: This isn't grammar school, so I can do a double-negative. Legace found one team willing to take a chance on his mentally-shaky ass, and he's responded with an 88.9SV% and a 3.34GAA. Yuk.

+ Matt Carle: The offensive-minded blueliner, one of many Sharks prospects that seem to sneak under the rader, has 3+11 in 24 games.
- Ville Nieminen: 1+1 and -6 in 18 games. What's the use of having pests on your squad? Unless they are actually talented, ala Tikkanen and Linesman, then they just tend to suck.

+ Mark Recchi: The old man is still getting it done with 6+13 in 22 games.
- John Chocolate LeClair: I know he's also old and has a wonky back, but 2+5 in 21 games is even worse than I expected.

+ Georges Laraques: It's hard to find any positives on this team, but The Rock has 4+6 in 20 games, and is getting them the hard way as he has 0 Power Play points
- Enver Lisin: I don't know much about the guy, but he's a RW with 2 points and a -18...a -18!!!!! In 17 games. This guy sticks out like a sore thumb. What the hell is he doing in the NHL?

+ Randy Robitaille: 4+10 in 19 games. Yes, Randy Robitaille is outperforming Mike Richards, RJ Umberger, Petr Nedved, Sami Kapanen, Jeff carter, Kyle Calder, and he's doing it for the minimum
- Kyle Calder: Wow, did the Flyers really trade away a great 2-way centerman for this? Did anyone forsee Calder with 0 goals and just 3 assists and -13 in 21 games. What the hell happened?

+ Jason Spezza: 11 goals in 24 games. This might not seem overly impressive, but Spezza's career high for goals is 22, so he could beat that this season. (It should be noted this his shorts per game isn't higher than usual, so he's just more accurate more than anything)
- Martin Gerber: OK, so I detailed before, in a letter to Muckler, why signing Gerber for such a big contract wasn't necessarily a fine risk. On the other hand, did anyone predict such a bombing at the box office? 89.0%SV and a 3.45GAA compared to Ray Emery's 92.3SV% and 2.25GAA.

If Lisin is -18 in 17GP and he's still on the PHO roster, I'd bet Janet $5000 that somehow he's related to Wayne, or cut his lawns one summer, or played rec hockey with his kid. And besides, somebody has to step up when Needlebeak benches Nagy. You don't want to over-play a guy who leads your team in assists and has been a positive +/- on every dreaful team he's toiled for.
Lisin is a very well regarded prospect out of Russia, top 6 upside in a strong two-way package.

I don't pay much attention to Phoenix, and from what I'd seen prior to this year he wasn't really quite NHL ready as yet but I didn't think he was far off either.

That -17 are awful though... I wonder what quality of minutes he's playing to be putting up numbers that bad.... unless he's playing against 1st line opposition that's pretty pathetic even on Phoenix
Lets keep the Lisin posts comming...

...because i heard that he got suspended for not reporting.

New Lisin based posts please!

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