Friday, November 03, 2006


Jan Bulis: The Emulator!

I recently came up with the Jan Useless moniker for Jan Bulis. It's a bit mean and may become obsolete if Jan stops sucking more ass than Max Hardcore.

So, I felt I should come up with something that I could use on a regular basis that wouldn't end up with a bomb letter from the Canucks front office.

Then, it hit me! (No, not the bomb)

Who comes to mind as a player who wears #38 and has a nice, shiny, bald head?

Pavol Demitra, of course!

So, what's up with Jan Bulis' turn into a Pavol Demitra copycat? Yes, Bulis also wears #38 and also has a chrome dome to match. Isn't that just a little coincidental?

Jan Bulis used to have hair. He had a Euromullet would have earned him awards and adulation in Kentucky and Milan. Why did he switch to the circumcised penis look?

Perhaps he's trying to copy Pavol Demitra? Is he 'emulating' his hero?

EMULATE - to try to equal or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass

At first I thought of UNREASONABLE FACSIMILE as a nickname for Bulis, but it doesn't quite flow off of the tongue as well as THE EMULATOR. Yes, I know dub thee, Jan Bulis, to be The Emulator. Now, if only you'd start producing Demitra-like numbers...

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