Saturday, November 04, 2006


Hejda Lives!

Lost in the furor over Edmonton's Friday night loss is a Jan Hejda sighting. Up until last night, he was one of the members of a rather unfortunate club -- guys who began the year on a NHL roster, weren't sent down, weren't injured, but also weren't making it into any games. After last night, by my count, the only remaining players who haven't played are Travis Green of Anaheim, Jon Klemm and Mathias Tjarnqvist of Dallas, and Rob Davison of the Sharks. All, presumably, green with envy over Hejda's 14:29.

I caught a little bit of the game -- I was at work, and miracle of miracles, it was on -- and as you might expect from someone who hadn't been in a game since the preseason, he sometimes showed bursts of energy, other times looked like he was unsure how the sharp things on his feet worked. He went -1, no shots, no PIM. Hell, I am (and I presume Jes is) just happy to see him get into a game. Hopefully he'll be back in soon, so that he's not one of those poor souls who goes into the record book with one game, no points, forever and ever.

I'm excited because you found a ЦСКА hockey card. I've never seen a Russian hockey card before, actually.
Oh, and I translated those other Russian signs you saw last week.
But there is something special about the 1-game club isn't there? Vaclav Pletka...Don Cherry... 2 just isn't the same
Exactly -- no shame in one game. Though I predict a Pletka renaissance in 2007-08.
I'm so flattered that Pletka's mother found our site.
Also Libor Pivko and David Moravec has one game record.
You might be able to add Leafs goalie Mikael Tellqvist to the list, as I think he's back up with the big club after a "conditioning stint" with the Marlies.
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