Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Google Video + NHL = Total W00tness!!

Thanks to Joe Pelletier for pointing out the fact that Google Video and the NHL have teamed up for a rather big development.


From Google's Video Blog.

Wanna see a recent National Hockey League game you missed? How about reliving a classic like Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Final between the New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks? (Jes: No, not really...)
To celebrate the NHL's 89th season, starting today fans around the world will be able to watch in-season full-length games on Google Video. Besides watching games, you can also post and view your own content at the same place. So even if you can't make it to the arena to see pucks flying around at 100 mph, Google Video can be your place for fast-paced NHL action. Be careful out there!
This is an absolutely fabulous development for the NHL, which needs to do anything it can to increase its exposure. Putting so much content out on the internet in one easy-to-access location is clearly a good use of the technology. Right now, you can find games from this season up until the 27th-28th plus selected classic games like the stupid Rangers winning the cup.

While Joe thinks the NHL will eventually charge for the content, right now it's absolutely free, so go and check it out while you can.

Should the NHL charge for this content? With the need for exposure, it might be wise for them to keep the content free for some time to build up an audience and exposure. It's not like the NHL is posting games from last night, and I can't really see anyone paying something like $2.99 per game.

Perhaps charging a lump-sum yearly/monthly would be a wiser choice. I can see some paying a decent monthly fee for the right to watch any game at any time. Missed your team's easy win over the Blackhawks from last week? Got a broken VCR? Well, just fire up Google Video and there ya go.


Don't worry, folks, I haven't had any thoughts of stringing myself from the ceiling with a rope of shoelaces at the news that the Dinner Jackets waived Herr Balastik. In fact, I'm rather giddy at the prospect that Jaro may get a chance with another organization (how could the Blackhawks pass on him when they need help badly?)

Go figure that the BJs lost again tonight. They scratch Jaro and give Brule fewer minutes than I have fingers. Until they get some people who know what they are doing, and some defense, they are destined to suck like K-Fed's latest 'rap' album.

Well, at least for now, JB is down in Syracuse (with Tomas Kloucek!! Maybe they can hang out).

He said in the Dispatch this morning he was willing to give the 'cuse a try for a couple weeks, and then he'd think about Europe...
I take it you won't be buying "Playing with fire".
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