Friday, November 10, 2006


...but the Flyers suck even more!

Sure, the Canucks sucked last night, but they haven't sucked all season.

The same can't be said for the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that has just been so futile that the Borg are saying "We told you so!"

I just love looking at this train wreck of a club. A coaching change, a GM change, and mind-bogging waiver-wire activity haven't helped this club one bit.
Let's look at the damage

Record: 3-11-1 - LAST PLACE IN THE NHL
Power Play
: just 8 goals and an 8.8% success rate in 15 games. For a team with Simon Gagne, Peter Forsberg, and Joni Pitkanen, this is inexcusable.

The Flyers have 4 players with a -10 or worse after just 15 games: Mike Richards (-11), Kyle Calder (-11), Joni Pitkanen (-12), and Derian Hatcher (-17).

Chewbacca is on pace to finish with 0 points and -93 is he plays every game as well as he's played so far this season.

The goalies?
Antero Niittymaki has numbers that aren't good, but don't cause earthquakes (3.07GAA and 88.7SV%)
Rebound Machine? 5.31GAA and 81.4SV%. Even Martin Brochu could have done better.

Peter Forsberg - It's VERY odd to see him with more goals (5) than assists (4). He's also racked up 34 PIM this season, which is usually what he gets for an entire year. He has 8 chinsy minors and one game where he took 18 PIM. Is Peter getting frustrated?

Forsberg doesn't even have a single assist since October 14th! How does Forsberg go almost an entire month without an assist? (and he's not even injured!). Again, I blame Ingmar.

Will it get better? Mike Knuble and Jeff Carter are now both on the IR, and new coach John Stevens (who the hell is he?) hasn't proven himself to yet be an able coach. They still keep Rebound Machine around and give Chewbacca 20 minutes of ice time per game more than he should be getting.

Colon Campbell even rejected the GM position with the Flyers after realizing a cushy job with the NHL is much better than having Ed Snider tell you which over-the-hill rejects to sign to 4-year deals.

It couldn't happen to a nicer city ;) (although I'd get much more joy if this was the Maple Leafs)

I agree, the guys they have on this club are too good to be in last place. But since I've pretty much always hated the Flyers, I don't feel bad for them. I do feel bad for the guys that have gotten to the point to quit making an effort. Because that's not going to be good for anyone.
I couldn't agree more, I frigging hate the Flyers and am enjoying this downfall way more than I should be. I hear they are thinking of hiring Pat Quinn.
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