Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Back Home Again?

Rumors are gathering steam again that Peter Forsberg's about to get traded away from the Philly shipwreck, and that Colorado's one of the likely destinations (San Jose is the other listed). St. Louis-based John Hadley seems to be the source, making it a bit more reliable than average message board blather; Hadley's a Petr Čajánek-hating oddball, but he's also often right on these sorts of things.

For a Colorado fan, the idea falls into the always-dangerous category of trying to reclaim past glories (for Jes, I presume, the idea just induces vomiting), a la Messier's return to NY. Colorado's more than one player away from a Stanley Cup, and the prospect of dealing with Paper Forsberg's eternal injuries again is less-than-thrilling.

Then, what to give up? The Avs would need some significant salary cap relief to make this even remotely feasible, and the only high-ticket item that could really fit into the Flyers' plans is Milan Hejduk (well, maybe Jose Theodore, if they want to take a big chance on improving their goal situation, but I can't see anyone else being stupid enough to trade for Jose). More likely, the Flyers want young guys, the Wolskis, the Svatoses, the Stastnys. And even thinking of giving those guys up is upsetting.

Ah, but then, there's that old magic. Forsberg's departure was the biggest blow to Avs fans; moreso than Roy's retirement, moreso than Foote or Blake leaving, moreso even than Josef Marha getting traded away. Everyone else hated the guy, we loved him, and he remains the most electrifying player Colorado has seen.

By the time I hit "Publish" on this, of course, Forsberg could be a Shark, or have signed a Flyer-for-life contract, or headed back to MoDo. But as much as it has the potential to go wrong, I'd love to see him back in Colorado. Revel in the memories now, regret it later.

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In actual trade news, the Rangers just picked up Brad Isbister from Carolina for ECHLer Jakub Petruzalek and a conditional draft pick. If anyone has any theories why the Rangers did this, I'm all ears. Seriously, Brad Isbister? Why?

I don't see the Flyers trading Forsberg at all unless they get immediate impact players in return. I don't see many teams gambling on him with his injuries either, as you pointed out.
Some of these rumors nowadays are f***ing bunk. The Avs are not in a position to make a huge trade and have no reason to. They are still contending for a playoff spot and have a good young, fast team. They aren't going to put themselves in a mess with the cap after they just worked their butts off to get under it.
I wouldn't mind seeing Forsberg play with Columbus though. Forsberg-Nash-Zherdev line...ooo!
How much can the Flyers really expect in return? Forsberg has a NTC and won't go to many places. He has a nice $ contract and the Flyers are going nowhere fast. Can they find a team desperate enough to part with some blue chips?

The Avs need a real goalie before even considering a real playoff run. As long as it's not Forsberg for Demitra...that would be a nightmare.

As for Isbister, he's a nice skater with some size, but he's pretty much useless...basically a lower-case jamal mayers
I don't see the Avs doing this. Their young players are what they need to build around. Unless you can get Philly to take Jose for Peter and I can't see them doing that.
Forsberg for Nabokov and Kaspar? Would you make that deal Jes?
Hmm, Philly needs help on defense more than forward (They do have lots of young forwards). I haven't kept too close a track on Nabokov lately to say YES or NO to that deal. Good thing I'm not a Flyers fan :) IT would make sense for SJ to make that move.
Why Isbister? Easy. Sather looked at his roster last week and went, "Holy shit! I'm out of ex-Oilers!"
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