Friday, October 06, 2006


A Pox Upon Thee, Comcast

...and by extension, the Philadelphia Flyers. I had all the ingredients set for a big night of hockey-watching last night -- beer, a television, more beer -- my cable service chose not to cooperate, and instead of watching the Thrashers lose via shootout to the Lightning or the Avalanche losing in OT to Minnesota, I was glaring with steadily-decreasing hope at "PLEASE WAIT - THIS CHANNEL SHOULD BE AVAILABLE SOON" until Comcast's customer service told me that "soon" meant Monday, at which point I read a book. I still drank the beer.

So, in two days of the new hockey season, I've watched one game (Carolina-Buffalo was on while I was at work Thursday). I'm hockey blogging's secret shame.

Lacking eyewitness knowledge of much that's happened over the past two days, I rely instead on the magic of the internet for a few observations:

* It took me a year to really admit it, to myself or publicly, but I get a hell of a charge out of the shootout. I found myself hoping that the 'Canes-Sabres would stay scoreless in OT, so that I'd get to see one (granted, these are two teams I don't care much about; a bit more emotional involvement might have changed the equation).

* I realize it's only one game, but -- Tomas Vokoun giving up seven goals to Chicago? That's not what I expect from my Vezina/Conn Smythe winner (or the fantasy goalie on Team Post-Pessimist).

* The Bruins waived Petr Tenkrat (but haven't sent him down as of yet). The new regime is showing the same sort of poor decision-making that doomed past Bruins squads.

* Brendan Shanahan scores his 600th goal, and gosh, I find I don't hate the guy any longer. Many many moons ago, when he was a Blue, Shanny was probably my favorite hockey player -- then he ended up with The Team That Shall Not Be Named, and "Brendan Shanahan" was no longer spoken in my home. But just a few months after he made his escape, he's all right again. Ahh, the fickleness of hockey fandom.

* Two games, two overtime losses for Colorado. I really hope this isn't gonna be a season-long trend. I have enough stress in my life.

* A trend I hope continues: the Flyers not scoring any goals until my crap-ass cable service comes back.

God I love living in Canada. How many games are on tonight? Three? Two in HD!

1) The Flyers don't need a 'Pox', they already have Derian Hatcher, thank you.
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