Monday, October 09, 2006


Michal Handzus Needs Your Help!

Michal Handzus, bless his soul, is one of my favourite hockey players. I've spent many tick-tocks defending him from rabid anti-European Blues fans and always-pissy Flyers fans, but I just can't defend that 'look'

Damn, bro, you make millions! Would it hurt to see a hair stylist? Martin Havlat must know a good half-dozen of them. It's no wonder why Handzus is still (as far as I know) very single. That Tennessee Serial Killer look just isn't working for ya.

Speaking of Chickenhawks. What's with this picture from their official website? It kind of looks like Adrian Aucoin doesn't really want to be the captain. He's not wearing the sweater, and he's got a rather pissed-off look in his eyes. It's like he's saying "look at what I'm stuck with!"
Yeah, well yer the one who signed on the dotted line, bubs.

  • Has Doug MacLean vowed revenge on me by attempting to kill me in my office pool? What's with Gerard Gallant giving Gilbert Brule exactly 02:26 of ice-time in Saturday's game versus the Blackhawks? This after giving him just 10 against the Canucks? What are the Dinner Jackets doing? Without Fedorov and Zherdev, they are giving 18 minutes a night to Manny Malhotra. MANNY MALHOTRA?! Isn't 'Malhotra' Farsi for 'limited offensive upside?'

  • A late entrant into the Calder race: Anze Kopitar. 5 points in 2 games, and you know he's going to get lots of opportunities playing on the Kings. With Brule getting screwed by Gerard Gallant, Kopitar's the man now, dog.


  • I just find it too weird when we have played like Rene Bourque and Paul Stastny. Every time I hear those names, I think of the old legends, and not these new-fangled imitation blends. I'll cut Stastny some slack since he's one of Peter's legitimate kids (Peter keeps his 'other' son in Slovakia), but we ought to force Rene Bourque to have a name change.

  • Mats "The Troll" Sundin is on a mission! He's got 18 shots in 3 games thus far, and looks like he is sick and tired of the "1967" hanging over his head, so he's just gonna bowl over people and make some hay. I'll give the Leafs credit, whether intentional or not, they are finally getting some young blood developed over there. Guys like Wellwood would have hardly got a shot under the old regime, but the Leafs have drafted well in the recent past and now's the time for these kids to get some playing time and contribute.

  • Comments:
    Ray Bourque's son Chris is in the Capitals' system. Wonder how long before he pops up in the NHL?
    1) Don't hold your breathe on seeing Chris Bourque any time soon.
    2) He was among the first round of cuts in this years Caps training camp.
    3) He's quick, but very under sized. He'll probably need another year or 2 of AHL work to adjust to the pro game.
    Adrian Aucoin is a Blackhawk and a Leader.

    Martin Havlat is a Blackhawk and Really Fast.

    Brent Seabrook is a Blackhawk and Responsible.

    Rene Bourque is a Blackhawk and Determined.

    ... Dunno what the rest of them are yet. My favorite message board suggestion is: Tuomo Ruutu is a Blackhawk and Injured.

    oh please, "pissy flyers fans"? we LOVED 'zus. great penalty killer. solid faceoff guy. worked his ass off and had pretty soft hands to boot. 'sides, he had a vowel in his name, and if you know anything about philly fans, you know that IMMEDIATELY endears you to the crowd - see "duuuce", "huuugh", "booosh", etc.

    seriously though, we loved the guy. be fair.
    Was that Golbez I heard, actually giving an iota of credit to the Leafs?

    Couldn't be.

    This just in: the Leafs are not nearly as bad as the haters claim, nor are they nearly as great as the fanboys believe. Imagine that.
    always nice to see a st louis boy make the nhl, go Stastny! his brother grew up here, unfortunately popped out before his day joined us.

    as for Zus. he needs no help, he gets way to much credit for being a solid two way center.

    i think most teams have 2 or 3 of them. not the BLues at the moment, but MOST teams :)
    "Speaking of Chickenhawks."

    Honest to God, Jes, I should be shot for ever getting behind reading your posts.
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