Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Juraj Kolnik Gives a Hoot!

Juraj Kolnik, at least for a brief period, must be one of the most popular athletes in South Florida.

From the Miami Herald:

When Panthers forward Juraj Kolnik scored Friday, everyone in the building won 13 free wings redeemable at any Hooters in South Florida. The promotion was tied to Friday the 13th and included Kolnik because he wears No. 13.

''I might make some fans happy,'' Kolnik said before the game. "I just want to know what happens if I score two or three. Do they get extra wings? How about a free beer? I think we should do more things like this. It's a great idea for a Friday night. There will be a big crowd and I know they'll all be cheering for me.''
Seeing as it was only his second goal of the season, perhaps they ought to try giving out more free stuff any time Juraj Kolnik scores a goal.

W00T! Free Wings at Hooters!!

anyone else think they need a free 22 minute massage at madame cleo's every time henrik sedin scores on the 22nd of the month now?
Good idea! Perhaps you should send it to Orca Bay and see what they think ;)
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