Monday, September 18, 2006


Sex + Hockey = SexiHokej!!!

Only in Slovakia...would some editor d00d at Bleskovsky, the biggest tabloid in the country, walk into the office and put forth the idea:

"Hej, let's take a cute female fan from each Extraliga team and have her pose nude wearing her favourite team's colours"

The product? SexiHokej, where each team is represented by a woman and the fans and readers vote on their favourite. Democracy at work!

If you are piqued, then head on over to the website and gawk all ya like.

*** NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!! Don't blame if you get fired! I warned you/

SexiHokej Website.

Olivia, the 23-year old lady representing MHC Martin, gets my vote.

Now, why doesn't someone on our side of the pond do something like this with the NHL?

Okay. I am dissapointed that you got the scoop on me with this. I read the Bleskovsky Novy Cas all the time and somehow I missed this!

They are all very pretty to me. Must be my Slovak ansestry. I like Kosice as a favorite.

Thanks Jes... I owe you one BIG TIME! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okay... Umm.... ah... I will go back to what I was... blogging... yea.. I was blogging.
Now THAT'S what I call promoting the game!
Great stuff, Jes.

The europeans sure know how to promote this game. Here there's a constant effort to make it kid friendly. Hockey is a adult sport and it should be viewed, promoted and played that way. Let the kids have their version... and the adult's ours.

I had a rant, but in the end, it just comes back to that.
Boobies and Hockey, together at last.
Are those girls really just random fans? Or are they models?

Cause if its the former, my bet is we are going to lose a LOT more players to the Slovak league...
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