Monday, September 11, 2006


Reliving Bad Memories

Since today is the day for bad memories, I might as well re-live some of my own bad hockey memories.

Thanks to the greatness of YouTube, I can suffer over and over and over again and bring back the feelings of sadness, rage, and disappointment.

First up, we have Steve Yzerman’s famous Game 7 blast over the shoulder of Jon Casey to propel them past the Blues. The Blues had traded the stupendous Vopat brothers for Wayne Gretzky and seemed primed to take their best shot at the Stanley Cup. This long slapper was quite the dagger in the heart of the Blues Nation that year...

To make matters worse, I had a classmate a few years back who was (a typical cocky) Red Wings fan. Once he found out I was a Blues fan, he felt the need to give me a play-by-play of this goal. He couldn’t do jack on his assignments, but he somehow managed to recite the Yzerman goal call from memory.

Then, we have the so-called ‘Greatest Leader in Professional Sports’, and a video that brings back a whole range of rages.

It wasn’t bad enough that the stupid Ranger$ took the cup from us. No, Mark Messier had to come to Vancouver, suck $6mil a year in payment for his ‘services’, and proceed to ruin the Canucks with his poisonous attitude and dressing room backstabbing.

Hey Mark, you bald-headed moron, you look like a freshly circumcised penis. Grow some frickin’ hair, loser.

Wow, its refreshing to read some one else besides ourselves who despise "The captain".
We're just hoping his true nature(his bisexuality) is revealed in a public way before long.
And I would hope that it is ignored like the non-issue that it is.
No, we at FAUXRUMORS will be all over that story when it eventually breaks.
As I said before:

And I would hope that it is ignored like the non-issue that it is.
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