Saturday, September 09, 2006



...if you live in Europe, that is :(

Good looking fellows like Tomas Demel over there are playing games that matter while we have to settle with rookie camps and wondering why Tarantula Head hasn't been signed to a contract yet and NFL news that nobody needs, unless you need a sleeping aid or something.

Well, let's whet thy appetites with a little hawt video action from overseas, and I'm not talkin Anita Blond over here.

Here are some Golden Helmet videos with an NHL connection.

Roman Turek with a slick poke check to deny Trinec' Zdenek Skorepa on the break. Stupid Turek... :(

Vlad Machulda gets the puck to Milan Kraft Dinner for a quick snapper on the Power Play. Wouldn't Kraft look good on Crosby's wing?

Petr "The Other" Sykora with his patented one-timer on the Power Play. It's a shame he never really translated his game on this side of the pond. He's got wheels and a great shot, but just never adapted to 'our' style.

Nice poke check by Turek indeed. I'm suprised goalies don't do that a little more often.
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