Friday, September 22, 2006


Goodbye, Mr. October

So, Brian Savage Garden called a career after sucking up a storm for the Philly Flyers last season with a whopping 14 points in 66 games.

About damn time.

Savage is always the type of player I could never have on my team. He's soft, defensively inept, and not the type of guy you could count on during crunch time.

He didn't get the nickname "Mr. October" for nothing.

Is it a myth?

Nope! Savage has his best Points-per-Game and goals-per-game ratios during October in his career, plus check out the PPG and GWG. No doubt about it, Savage did his best work during the early part of the season, when the rest of the league was a bit rusty. His playoff record? A paltry 11 points in 39 games. Ugh

Well, he did make a good career for himself after being drafted way down in the 8th round by the Canadiens in 1991.

Besides the October heroics, I'll always remember that vicious hit he took when he was playing with the Coyotes. I forgot WHO hit him, but Savage had just taken a shot and was in a very awkward position. After the hit, he was writhing on the ice (that whole scene shook me up, as well) and missed considerable time with a very nasty neck/back injury.

(Edit: Ok, he was still with the Canadiens. That tells you how good my memory is.
Here is the info from Legends of Hockey:
It was during a November game in 1999 when Savage was checked awkwardly in a game against the L.A. Kings. He fell to the ice twitching and was carried off on a stretcher. His vertebrae had been cracked in several places, and he needed a head brace for some time. At first, fans thought he would never play hockey again, but Savage came back four months later to play much to the delight of the Canadien fans and players.)

Who did he like to play the most? Carolina!! Savage had 15 goals and 15 assists with a +12 in 31 career games against the Canes/Whalers.

On the other end of the scale, his play against the San Jose Sharks was brutal: 16GP 1-3-4PTS and a -12 !

So, we'll have to find a new guy to put the label on. Any suggestions?

Actually, Jes, he was still playing for the Canadiens when that happened. I believe it was in the 1999-2000 season, and he was hit by either Ian Laperriere or Eric Belanger (can't remember for sure right now) during a games against the LA Kings.
If any player should have signed a deal, played a couples of months and retired, it was him. I know: cap, age, can't be done without penalty...
I was at that game in the shiny then-new Staples Center in L.A.
It definitely was Nov. 1999 -and a boring game other that that "Savage" mauling (snort).

Maybe it seemed dull because I was pregnant and not drinking.

But I know that the only thing that really ever impressed me about him was that he actually came back from it.
Yeah I agree, he was the worse forward on the team last season.
But I do have to say the guy is class act. He was very proactive with charities especially those dealing with cancer.
Wish the guy well and hope cancer will finally leave his family alone.
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