Friday, September 01, 2006


Dominik Hasek: Back on Ice

Thanks to the fine folks at, the website of my favourite Czech team HCO Trinec, I can bring to you some pics of Dominik Hasek back on ice, training to choke (pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease) for the Detroit Red Wings (boo! hiss!) this upcoming season.

Hasek made waves in Trinec when he was looking to sign there during the lockout. Trinec's nosedive in the standings combined with uncertainty about his groin and the NHL lockout prevented that signing, and Trinec was stuck with their usual brand of 'quality' netminding.

Hasek...such a tease... so he decides to grace Trinec with his presence in practice instead. Woo hoo!

(Yeah, it's slow for news. What else you got, eh?)

Wow. D00ds got a lot of wrinkles...

Hasek never misses an opportunity to pimp his overpriced line of sports clothing.

Yeah. It's so hard to make a save when there is NO PUCK!

"Oh, $@#%! What was that pop?!"

This is the best selling Hallowe'en mask in the Czech Republic.

Don't hold back, Jes! Tell us your TRUE feelings about Hasek.;)

Have a great long weekend.
We don't dislike the Dominator, as we've never met him, but does any one truly believe he will stay healthy and have an impact this year? Wings fans better hope Chris Osgood has a great year. Else the Wings are in touble. Their only blessing is they play in the Norris, I mean central.
Doesn't everyone predict that the next year will be Detroits fall from grace season? Yet every year they get friggin' 120 points during the regular season!

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Hasek has a "rebound" season and goes 41-10-2 or something like that.

Damn I hate Red Wings.
It's hard to believe fully that Detroit will fall from grace when they have dynamic forwards in Datsyuk and Zetterberg, and still (still) steady veteran defense from the likes of Lidstrom and Chelios. Especially combined with the fact that any fall will be cushioned by their pillowy soft central div neighbours.

On a sidenote: Judging from his teeth Hasek is a smoker to the extreme, much like Kipper. Maybe these reflex guys are onto something.
I've heard, from inside sources, that Hasek's teeth are stained from the blood of the baby kittens he eats for dinner each night.
Two words:

Malik Effect.
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