Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Slovak Fashion Show

The Slovak Hockey Federation recently had an awards gala, in which Marian Hossa took home the big prize as top Slovak Hockeyist, beating out poor Pavol Demitra and Lubos Visnovsky.

More importantly, it gave fans a rare chance to see Slovak guys wearing something other than sweatpants, shorts, or jeans. One thing Slovak men are not is fashionable.

Here's Zdeno and his sister, who must be about 6'3" herself.

Here's Pavol and Maja, obviously the best looking couple of the night!

Here's Marian Hossa and his girlfriend, who easily wins the 'Worst Dressed' Award. Poor Marian looks embarrassed.

Here's Miro Satan and Ingrid "Catwoman" Smolinska. Satan hasn't changed facial expressions in 4 years and 6 months. Chuck Norris would be proud.

Clint Eastwood and Steven Segal must be proud too.
Awww, who told Hoss he was going to a funeral?
Where'd you get these from? More there any of Juraj Kolnik?
What's wrong with this picture? I don't know if it is the camera lens or angle of the photo but, Ms. Smolinska is a beanpole!

Come on, Milo! You can afford to buy her some lekvar pirohy? Maybe shove some halušky or at least take her out for some pivo!

(well.. anyway, tonight is International Village celebration near where I live and I am going to celebrate my ancestry tonight. I'll take some pictures. Hej, Slovaci!)
That's one tall little sister Chara's got.

Is that really Satan or is Bert from Sesame Street dating Satans wife?
I always thought of Bertuzzi as the real Bert...he's got the scowl and the eyebrows to match!

Ingrid is also an opera singer, surprisingly enough. She certainly isn't the one who ends the show!

Have a pivo for me.. I got a Czechvar in the fridge, but I'm saving it for a special occassion.
Kolnik? He wasn't even invited :)
I took a picture of my daughter with Satan a couple of years ago, and he was actually smiling. (Looked quite handsome, too). Of course, she's a person who just makes people smile 'cuz she's very funny! She spent the rest of the day punctuating the conversation with random "Wooooooo"'s, she was so jacked about getting her arm around him! LOL!
I took a picture of my daughter with Satan a couple of years ago...

Why do I find that funny?

- Duc
'Cuz it is! She used to say she wanted his jersey so that little old, conservative ladies would point at her and say in scandalized tones "She has Satan on her shirt".
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