Monday, August 14, 2006


Slava Kozlov's Shifty Eye

My pal, Beezer, asked me about Biatchislav Kozlov's eye, because it's something that's always looked a bit freaky to me.

Is it a fake? I doubt it, because we'd all know about it.
What happened? An orbital bone injury? Or is he just a demon like I've always suspected?


Edit: Picture Fix0red

It would be so much easier to tell if the picture actually worked...

The eye isn't fake- it moves too much to be fake. Based on my analysis of various pitures, it looks like his left pupil is bogger than the right, or the right is abnormally small. It also looks like his left eyelid opens wider.
He's got Barbara Walters eyes:
This is to his benefit. Here he is focussing on the camera, AND the hot blonde in row 17!!
Slava's eye was injured in a serious car accident in Russia when he was 19. One of his teammates (Kirill Tarasov) was killed instantly and Slava spent three months in the hospital. It's about a third of the way down in this article:
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