Friday, August 11, 2006


Petr Sykora lands with the Oilers

After pimping himself to the 29 other NHL teams and finding no takers, Petr "It's seek, not sick" Sykora (not the other Petr Sykora who played 2 games for the Crapitals and bolted home last know, THAT one...right?) basically gave up and signed with the Edmonton Oilers, aka "Option J"

The Edmonton Oilers have signed free agent forward Petr Sykora to a one-year contract.

Before confirming the deal, Sykora underwent an MRI on his groin on Friday which was followed by the announcement at a news conference in Edmonton.

The unrestricted free-agent forward scored 23 goals with 51 points for Anaheim and the New York Rangers last season. He could be relied upon to fill the void left by Sergei Samsonov, who signed with the Montreal Canadiens.

Sykora is a funny animal. He's got a lot of talent, but he really is more of a support guy rather than a guy who will lead a team offensively. When Sykora can find the right linemates to click with (Like he had in NJ), he's capable of some gaudy numbers. When he's on his lonesome or with linemates he doesn't click with, he's basically a good 2nd line winger and nothing more. Which version will the Oilers get? It's hard to say...

                            GP  G A  PT PIM
1998-99 New Jersey Devils NHL 80 29 43 72 22
1999-00 New Jersey Devils NHL 79 25 43 68 26
2000-01 New Jersey Devils NHL 73 35 46 81 32
2001-02 New Jersey Devils NHL 73 21 27 48 44
2002-03 Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL 82 34 25 59 24
2003-04 Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL 81 23 29 52 34
2004-05 Magnitogorsk Metallurg 45 18 13 31 44
2005-06 Anaheim Mighty Ducks NHL 34 7 13 20 28
2005-06 New York Rangers NHL 40 16 15 31 22

Looking at his production, we see an obvious decline and the obvious fact that he is not a top line offensive talent. The rumoured price is $3mil, which is decent for his production level and the fact that it's only one year.

Now, Sykora didn't talk to the Canadian media yet, as far as I know, I'll translate a statement that he gave to the Czech press.

Now, back on Earth. Is time for downsplash.
Into sea of eternal glory my spaceship crash!
People have arrived for to cheer me from near and far...
and, as I float, I open door and shout

oh yes he did - he was in edmonton, in fact (check out his smile-y mug on front page of

interview link here:
Meanwhile another Czech Vaclav Varada signed a juicy contract in Switzerland.

a good shot of demitra taken yesterday at the slovak hockey awards:

it is especially interesting as the man he is talking to got into a big fight in the olympics after the general manager named demitra the team captain without anyone's opinion or permission.
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