Monday, August 14, 2006


Hockey Rants: The Apprentice

No, I am not an egomaniac millionaire with horrible hair looking for a 30-something yuppie to lick my boots every morning, nor am I hosting a boring reality show devoid of sex, drugs, and Slovaks.

Due to work and school commitments and just general burnout, I needed a good apprentice to help with the site and keep our 'high' level of quality up and keep away the excess groupies that I can't handle.

After months and days of arduous scouting, Greg from Post-Pessimist is 'The Chosen One'.

The Pros: He knows his Czech hockey, he collects Czech (and Slovak) hockey sweaters, he understands the awesomeness of Lubomir Vaic, and he's got a good sense of humour.

The CON: He's a Colorado Avalanche fan.

(You may now proceed to throw stinky garbage in his direction)

There will be more changes on this site over the next few weeks as Greg adds his content and the site will not longer be just my own personal shrine to Pavol. Don't worry, there will be enough Pavol love for everyone plus all of the usual 'quality' content (stop laughing, you) that you've come to expect.

An Avs fan? Really Jes?


Just kidding. Welcome Greg. :)
Hey, at least he's not a Leafs fans. I didn't throw away all of my shame.
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